Eddie Van Halen might be hospitalized due to mouth cancer

Eddie Van Halen mouth cancer

Eddie Van Halen mouth Cancer

By the looks of it, Eddie Van Halen is the most famous guitarist on the planet. On the other hand, Eddie Van Halen recently went to a hospital. There is a highly likely chance that Van Halen is going to consult a doctor for treating Mouth Cancer symptoms. Moreover, Van Halen is famous among not because he is an incredible performance; instead, he loves his fans dearly. 

On top of that, among the present-day living and breathing guitarist such as Tom Morello, Carlos Santana, Eddie Van Halen is incredibly popular as well as a respected guitarist. Eddie is also the founder and the songwriter of a famous band, namely Van Halen. The founding members of the group were Alex and Eddie. During the mid-1970s, Van Halen became one of the staple bands of Los Angeles.

Is Eddie Van Halen sick?

By the looks of it, Eddie Van Halen is going through a tough time due to his severe health issues. According to the sources, Recent diagnosis suggests that Eddie Van Halen is struck with a Mouth Cancer cell on his tongue.

Before having struck with mouth cancer, Eddie was notoriously famous for his drinking and smoking habits. The doctors are suggesting that surplus consumption of alcoholic and smoking beverages gave rise to Eddie’s mouth cancer. Eddie has left his old and bad habits. However, the habits of his past have finally caught up to him. And this is a piece of severely bad news for Van Halen, Eddie, and the fans.

The recent time photos of Eddie Van Halen depicts the rockstar completely bald and swollen. Fans of Van Halen all around the world started speculating that Eddie might not be well. As of now, Eddie is only suspected of going through mouth cancer, so there is a highly likely chance that Eddie might recover from the disease over time.

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