Eboni K. Williams maintains She Is Grown Close To Leah McSweeney Since Mixing’RHONY’

Eboni K. Williams, the most recent member of Real Housewives of New York, has recently shown that she has grown very near to throw penis Leah McSweeney while filming on the series.

A few months ago, Eboni was declared as the show’s newest rookie, too making history as the first Black housewife in the series.

“She is lovely. And exactly what Ipersonally, and Leah understands this. So, I am not stating something to you that I have never said to Leah,” she told bunch Bevy Smith of this Bevelastions show. “When I engaged with her, I had been convinced, you understand, well, I predicted Leah enjoy,’Black adjoining.’ She is adjoining to the civilization.”

“Leah’s precisely who she is,” she explained. “She is unapologetic about that she is. She admits the way the civilization, our civilization, has affected her livelihood and her aesthetic along with her individuality. And pays homage. She is not looking for a black woman. And that I really, really enjoy about Leah.”


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Leah has been shown to be quite a fan favorite as joining the series.

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