EastEnders’ Chantelle captured by abusive spouse Gray phoning Kheerat

EastEnders' Chantelle caught by abusive husband Gray calling Kheerat

Chantelle Atkins transferred one point closer to her horrible passing on EastEnders if she had been captured on the telephone telling Kheerat Panesar she’d changed her head — she wished to be together with him. Abusive husband Gray was standing behind her if she first left the telephone.

EastEnders declared lately that Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) would perish in the hands of her spouse following his commanding, violent behavior made her life excruciating during lockdown.

On Monday she strove to make her escape with her kids Mia and Mackenzie, apparently on a family vacation to Southend, however she hadn’t any intention of returning to her attorney husband. Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) guessed her strategies and manipulated the position to maintain them in house, meaning she needed to leave Albert Square alone.

On Tuesday, Chantelle came near telling her dad, Mitch, concerning her abusive marriage and she had came at Southend in this state of stress with no kids. She did not, however, he told that he was going to bring them: obviously she was miserable with them.

Afterwards in Tuesday’s incident, her mum Karen advised her Mitch was on the road back to Southend together with the kids — she had been perplexed but thrilled that Gray had allowed them come. Trouble is, she’d no idea he was coming also.

The remainder of the household were pleased to see Gray if he walked , declaring:”I did not wish to lose out to the family fun”

Chantelle, meanwhile, was at a café nearby, dialling Kheerat (Jaz Deol)to inform him she’d changed her mind she wished to symbolically money in the casino processor he’d advised her to maintain till she was prepared to pay it.

“Song, Kheerat,” she explained. “I have changed my mind. I am ready. I need to cash ”

The camera shot widened to show Gray standing . He had heard every word she’d said and the ending was just one step nearer.

EastEnders has worked closely over the storylines together with Women’s Aid and Refuge along with also the BBC One soap was commended for the way it’s highlighted the increase in domestic abuse throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

Refuge responded to the most recent story advancement on Tuesday.

It takes approximately 7 attempts prior to a survivor may safely leave an abusive spouse. If you are considering quitting, we can assist. Https://t.co/zrOzNlp3hK #Chantelle #EastEnders @bbceastenders

— Refuge (@RefugeCharity) September 15, 2020

EastEnders contributes to BBC One on Thursday night . 35pm.

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