The Incredible Transformation of Dylan Mulvane: Before and After

dylan mulvaney before and after

Dylan Mulvaney is an American actress, comedian, and TikTok star born on December 29, 1996. Since the beginning of 2022, she has become well-known for chronicling her gender transition in daily videos on the social media site TikTok. For the social media news outlet NowThis News, Mulvaney interviewed American President Joe Biden at the White House in October 2022. She has over 10 million followers on TikTok as of April 2023, and her video series Days of Girlhood has more than one billion views. After graduating from college, Mulvaney’s first significant role was as Elder White in the musical The Book of Mormon. Mulvaney had to travel across the United States, Mexico, and Canada to perform in the musical How The Grinch Stole Christmas! At the Old Globe Theatre, was among the other roles.

Dylan Mulvaney Before and After


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Dylan Mulvaney, 26, who underwent a gender transition beginning in March 2021, is said to have made more than a million dollars from endorsement deals with companies like Crest and InstaCart and fashion and beauty brands Kate Spade, Ulta Beauty, Haus Labs, and CeraVe.

Additionally, she now has 10 million TikTok followers. After getting facial feminization surgery in December, Dylan Mulvaney used TikTok to share a “face reveal” with her 10.5 million followers. Surgery to change the shape of the face to look more feminine includes a wide range of techniques. In the video, Mulvaney first shows off her new look while dancing to the Swan Lake theme before changing into an iconic old Hollywood figure. Mulvaney turns to the camera after the video and asks, “It’s so good, right?”

“I’m overjoyed! She points to her face and says, “And it’s still me. It’s just a little bit of a softer version. Mulvaney continued, “I hope all trans and non-binary people can get the gender-affirming resources they need because this can change their lives and even save them sometimes. So, I appreciate your support.

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Dylan Mulvaney Early Life

Mulvaney came out as transgender while residing with her “very conservative family” in her childhood home in San Diego during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2022, she started a daily TikTok video series called “Days of Girlhood”, where she documented her gender transition. Her videos quickly gained followers.

In a podcast for the cosmetics company Ulta Beauty in October 2022, Mulvaney appeared alongside genderfluid hairstylist David Lopez and discussed her upbringing, coming out as transgender, and transition. The video allegedly caused the hashtag #BoycottUlta to appear in Twitter’s “Trending Topics” section.

It resulted in “some calling Mulvaney’s claims she can live happily as a woman” being labelled as “misogynistic” and “others misgendering her,” according to Forbes staff writer Marisa Dellatto. Mulvaney and President Joe Biden met later that October for a “presidential forum” for the website NowThis News. When questioned by Mulvaney about recent legislation by Republican-led legislatures that limits gender-affirming care for transgender youth, Biden called it “outrageous” and “immoral.”

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Dylan Mulvaney Career Foundation

dylan mulvaney before and after

Mulvaney announced on Instagram that she had undergone facial feminization surgery in December 2022. On January 27, he shared a photo of her face on Instagram. On February 5, 2023, she made her red carpet debut at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. She accepted a Queerties Groundbreaker Award in Hollywood at the end of February.

On March 13, 2023, one year after beginning her TikTok video series Days of Girlhood, Mulvaney hosted a live-streamed variety show at the Rainbow Room in Midtown Manhattan called Dylan Mulvaney’s Day 365 Live! Reneé Rapp and L Morgan Lee appeared on the programme as guests. According to the Los Angeles Times, Barrymore experienced an “onslaught of online hate” after Mulvaney appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show that day and discussed “dealing with online hate” with Barrymore.

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