Dwayne Johnson Claims Daughter Helped Moana Song Strike Milestone

You Are welcome, Dad!

On his own Instagram on Saturday, Nov. 14, Dwayne Johnson shared a significant landmark: His Moana personality Maui’s tune”You are Welcome” in the struck 2016 hit Disney film, he does really sing himself, lately went four times each week a month.  This usually means that over 4 thousand copies of this single, composed by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, have already been marketed.

Johnson wrote,”A enormous dad thank you into the true reason that this tune is 4Xs Platinum and climbing – my two year-old manager, Baby Tia that LOVES hearing me sing this song to herbut doesn’t know I am really, Maui – that rather leaves this whole thing that much more amazing.”

For the last year, the celebrity has maintained that a running gag in your household: singing”You are Welcome” and asking Tia (complete title: Tiana), the youngest of the three brothers, if he’s actually Maui.

And in line with the numerous videos he’s submitted, she doesn’t know they are one and the same, or else will be merely plain her dear old father.

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