Dual Motor Electric Scooter Using Guide: What Is the Cruise Control Mode? 

If someone has ever driven a motorized device, i.e., a car, a motorcycle, or an electric scooter, they will know that when you twist the accelerator, the machine will move forward, and when you let go of the accelerator, the machine will eventually skid to a stop. It is the basic function of any motor scooter as well.

Dual Motor Electric Scooter Using Guide: What Is the Cruise Control Mode? 

However, when you are traveling long distances and have been riding the best electric scooter for a long time, you are likely to get fatigued by the many hours of constantly keeping a balanced grip on your throttle. 

And, of course, when you are busy handling the acceleration, you may miss the scenery around you. On the other hand, if you focus on the scenery, you may mess up the balance of acceleration and steadiness. You have to ensure that when you are riding, you are focusing on the electric scooter and maintaining a consistent speed.

Maintaining consistent speed and traveling long distances is a breeze with an Eagle One or Eagle One Pro; both are dual motor electric scooters that have become increasingly popular as more people discover how valuable and high-quality they are. They have exceptional 45 miles per full charge range and dual 1000W dual motor power. In addition, they have sensible pricing, making them an incredible asset to anyone looking to invest in electric scooters.

However, maintaining such speed perfectly for hours on end can get tiring, regardless of efficient, the motor scooter is. So, is it possible to drive on straight, flat roads without accelerating the throttle yourself? Yes, it is possible. This is where the cruise control mode comes in; while it has gotten popular, there are still people who have yet to understand it completely.

What Is Dual Motor Electric Scooter Cruise Control?

While it depends on what commuter scooter someone has, most adult electric scooters now have the cruise control mode. Again, it depends entirely on the model and manufacturing of the motor scooter. This is what it means for the electric scooters that do have cruise control.

Cars were the ones that introduced the cruise control feature in the market. The cruise control in a fast electric scooter uses an algorithm to keep the 40 mph electric scooter at a steady pace at a consistent speed. The controller of the electronic scooter will receive signals from the sensor to stabilize and control the power coming from the motors.

Typically, you can access the cruise control feature through an app, or there is an option on the handlebar. You may have to press the throttle for a few seconds as the cruise control begins. After you hear a long beep, you can release the throttle, and the motor scooter will maintain a consistent speed.

When you want to close the cruise control feature, you can press the throttle again or tap on the brakes to stop the escooter.

While the cruise control mode makes traveling on a dual motor easier, it is not necessary for adult electric scooters to have them. This feature makes the trek on long stretches of the road more comfortable and less stressful. 

The benefit of Cruise Control on an Electric Scooter

The most prominent benefit of the cruise control mode in a fastest electric scooter is that it preserves the battery by saving power. The escooter can maintain a consistent speed when this feature is activated, even on an uphill road. This means the motor isn’t using as much motor power, allowing it to save that amount of energy.

As a result, riders can also extend their range and cover more miles than before, all because of cruise control. When you become an electronic scooter rider, you will realize how crucial range is, and when you find a way to extend that range, it is a benefit that no pro rider will take for granted.

Moreover, cruise control makes riding a very comfortable experience. This is mainly because the rider won’t have to constantly apply pressure on the throttle to keep the long range electric scooter moving. Additionally, when you are on a long journey, touring California itself, you will be able to appreciate this relief much more.

Another benefit is that it provides a relatively safe ride. It helps you maintain a regulated distance from the other riders in your vicinity. By keeping this distance and a steady pace, riders will be able to avoid abrupt braking, which is harmful to the structure of the electronic scooter and the rider. And they will also be able to prevent accidents.

Overall, the cruise control mode has numerous benefits for both the rider and the motor scooter itself. If you want to avail these advantages, you should check out our all-terrain dual motor electric scooter.

Disadvantage of Cruise Control on Electric Scooters

With good qualities, there are also potential flaws that you should be aware of. While cruise control provides numerous benefits, it has a dangerous effect on the rider as well. If you have been using e-scooters for a while, you would know that one of the most crucial aspects of riding is being in control of your vehicle. And cruise control feature takes away that control. 

When the control is taken away from the rider, there are a number of instances that can occur, many of which are dangerous and may result in physical damage, either to you or the long range electric scooter. For instance, if there is a sudden bump or some other obstacle, and the rider is on cruise mode, they won’t be able to prevent the fall or react in time to take any action.

Moreover, when the cruise mode is on while the battery is low, the chances of a collision are higher. This is because when the battery is low, it won’t stop or slow down in time to avoid a crash. Remember how the cruise mode takes more than a few seconds to switch off? Yes, those seconds are exceedingly precious when you are about to fall or crash.

How to Activate A Cruise Control On Varla Eagle One Pro?

Typically, in most electrical scooters, there is a button located on the handlebar that you can activate simply by pressing it. When it is activated, the long range electric scooter will be able to maintain a consistent speed, even as it hits a minor bump or rock.

The Varla Eagle One Pro is a bit of an exception. While it does have an excellent cruise control feature that enables people to traverse flat and straight roads without a problem, it does a few different instructions as to how to activate this feature. 

Its feature’s location is on the all terrain electric scooter’s LCD display, which is located between the handlebars. However, the process of starting the mode can seem tricky but is fairly straightforward. You have to press down on the mode and the power button, which will take you to the “P17” settings of the 40 mph electric scooter, and then you can activate the cruise control to 1 from there.

Safety Tips for Electric Scooter Cruise Control

If you have been blessed with an all terrain electric scooter that has the cruise control feature, then you would know what a game-changer it can be, especially if you have to travel long distances. It takes the strain off the body while helping you maintain a steady speed, which is extremely useful.

However, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind when navigating through the streets in cruise mode.

  • Remember to adjust the setting to match the speed you want
  • Don’t forget to be aware of your surroundings; be prepared to press the brakes when necessary
  • Finally, don’t forget to disengage the cruise control mode when you are done riding

Final Thoughts

When you have the cruise control feature on your dual motor electric scooter, you already know how useful it can be. It has numerous benefits while also a potentially dangerous disadvantage. So, one has to be aware of their surroundings and engage this feature sparingly. 

If you want to have excellent experiences with cruise control features with exceptional range, visit Varla and see all the high-quality electric scooters for yourself.