Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms – One Piece Chapter 1037 Discussion

Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms

Whenever Kaido is on the screen or a manga panel, he never fails to amaze. The captain of the Beast Pirates is arguably the most charismatic series in the entire series. During the raid to the Onigashima event, he has already fought multiple opponents. Yet, he’s still standing tough and ready to face every attack from Luffy.

In the latest chapter, we see Kaido drinking a bottle of booze while fighting with Luffy. The protagonist gets frustrated on this notion, but Kaido says that he’s drinking it because he’s having fun. Furthermore, he seems to be infusing various states of his drunk being into the attacks. Let’s find out what drunk Kaido is capable of.

Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms
Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms

Laughing Drunk State

After drinking the booze, the very first state of Kaido was a laughing one. He was laughing his heart out and became miserable. It’s something that you wouldn’t expect from an emperor of the sea. Luffy didn’t like seeing him in this state as he thought Kaido will use it as an excuse in the future if he loses a fight.

In the laughing Drunk State, Kaido uses an attack called Shuron Hakke which is an advanced version of Thunder Bagua. It is proved to be quite effective as it deals significant damage to Luffy. It cracks the top of the rooftop and Luffy even says that this attack did hurt him. He starts screaming in pain and Kaido begins to go into the next phase.

Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms
Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms

Sad Drunk State

Although Kaido is lively about their battle and he believes that Luffy is one of the strongest people he has faced in a while, their battle has partially destroyed the castle. Kaido is upset at his ability to protect even one lousy castle. Though, he believes that it can be rebuilt but it will take around five years for that.

Even though Kaido is in a drunk state, Luffy believes that he’s equally formidable. Hence he doesn’t want to take any chances against the beast and keep his guard up. Kaido on the other hand is pretty sad at the state of the castle and his incompetency to protect it. He has sort of given up on it and just wants to end things as quickly as possible.

Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms
Drunk Kaido and His Different Forms

Crying Drunk State

In the crying Drunk State, Kaido tells Luffy to back off as he’s becoming an annoyance to him. From being sad, he quickly starts crying and starts preparing for an attack against Luffy. Kaido charges up for Thunder Bagua but Luffy tells him to not get ahead of himself and prepares for an attack himself.

Luffy goes into gear 2 and dodges the Thunder Bagua. He smiles and gets on the top of the mace, completely outmaneuvering the beast, and launches a powerful kick on the face of Kaido. Kaido gets a bit setback, but he recovers and clashes the head with Luffy. Both of them emanate CoC which affects their surroundings.


Angry Drunk State

Their CoC clash lasts for a while but it’s Kaido who comes out as the winner in the small clash. Luffy gets fired away and falls back to the ground. He says that Kaido’s haki is getting stronger. Kaido was just starting to feel the booze but Luffy kicked him so hard that he got sobered up.

An angry Drunk Kaido shoots fire from his mouth towards Luffy but he easily dodges it. He jumps towards Kaido and both of them simultaneously use their attacks with Luffy using Roc Gatling and Kaido using Meteor Shower. Both of their attacks hit each other but it’s Kaido who falls on his back first.

So far we’ve seen these states of Kaido. Who knows, maybe we will see more from him. Which is your favorite drunk state of Kaido? Let us know in the comments. For more updates, make sure to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media.

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