Drake tips at a potential album fall. Here is the way we analyzed his past bodies of work

Drake hints at a possible album drop. Here’s how we reviewed his previous bodies of work


With this mysterious caption within an Instagram article, Drake summoned his supporters to a speculative frenzy on which could fall Thursday through midnight.

On Wednesday, the Toronto rapper submitted a movie to his Instagram accounts, @champagnepapi, of himself and someone else on jet skis in the water during the night.

Drake began teasing a sixth studio album earlier this season. In the end of July,” Drake’s manufacturer Noel Cadastre submitted to Instagram who”people 90percent but y’all gonna need to wait that 10%”

This is our audio critics had to say regarding the rapper’s previous studio recordings, compilations and mixtapes.

Thank Me Later (2010)

Offering Me Later is a far more intriguing album than detractors who guess Drake for a second former child performer moonlighting as a pop superstar may admit. Could it be that the Second Coming of Jay-Z or even Eminem, however? Not very, writes pop music critic Ben Rayner.

Require Care (2011)

Drake himself has stated he was not entirely pleased with attacking Me Later, and Take Care clearly feels like a single guy’s thought eyesight, writes Rayner.

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Nothing was exactly the same (2013)

He is a velvet-tongued rapper whose talent to its vernacular and control of his own studio craft has raised him to the domain of hip innovators such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye, along with these abilities are as sharp as on Drizzy’s third aisle, Nothing has been the exact same, writes Star contributor Nick Krewin.

VIEWS (2016)

Volume is actually the one thing holding Drizzy’s fourth album proper, VIEWS (previously called Views From Your 6)back out of being”great” On the contrary, it’s”very great ” At 20 monitors and 82 moments, it is safe to state VIEWS may use a edit or 2; it only throws a little too much in you, also waywardly and sometimes with a somewhat conflicting whiff of this imperfect, writes Rayner.

Scorpion (2018)

Scorpion has been exhibited as a double-album that is split into two components, 1 half rap tunes as well as another R&B tracks.

However, what’s particularly clear on either side is that the 31-year old performer — that has frequently referred to himself as”the boy” — has been quickly being shepherded into manhood as well as the responsibilities which have itwrites The Canadian Press.

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Care Package (2019)

Care Suite showcases a whole lot of Drake crooning, including lots of his”each of the feels” kind of monitors, however there are a couple of bangers. And there are a number of notable omissions, such as”Back to back” and”Charged Up” or his current releases such as the EP The very best from the World Package. Having said that, we understand Drizzy is likely heading toward putting another streaming album with this group that writes pop culture writer Raju Mudhar.


If You Are Reading This It Is Too Late (2015)

If You Are Reading This It Is Too late boasts no singles, then rare hooks, hardly any guests along with a profoundly misanthropic character, and it will shift virtual bucketloads of downloads from the days beforehand because the individuals who profess to not like Drake is going to be desperate to understand what Drake is all up to nowadays.

More Life (2017)


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Where VIEWS felt almost to fatigue, the 22-monitor group Drake has closely branded a”playlist” locates out the planet’s most-streamed artist awakens the reins only sufficient to provide the most diverse and, sometimes, unabashedly carbonated launch of his livelihood, a glowing stunner that occasionally even locates that the 30-year old siphoned off the bags that is maintained his spirits insofar as his stock has jumped, writes Star contributor Nick Patch.

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Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020)

Dark Lane Demo Tapes — a mostly effective album-length odds-and-ends set but not, you knowan album — might be valuable as information than as tunes. As music, it is a largely sharp record of top-dog stress and solipsism. However, additionally, it is possibly a spoiler for the right record Drake declared will be published this summer, his first as the scenic”Scorpion” at 2018, writes about the New York Times.

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