Dr Priyanka Reddy’s murder: Karanvir Bohra, Keerthy Suresh along with other celebs shocked

Dr Priyanka Reddy's murder: Karanvir Bohra, Keerthy Suresh and other celebs shocked

Karanvir Bohra, Keerthy Suresh, Varun Sandesh, Sudheer Babu, Mehreen Pirzada, VV Vinayak, Lavanya Tripathi several different celebs are stunned and saddened within the heart-wrenching murder and rape of Dr Priyanka Reddy at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad awakened to listen to a shocking truth for Dr Priyanka Reddy’s body has been discovered charred beyond recognition in Shadnagar. In accordance with her family , she’d called them and advised that her bicycle’s tyre was punctured and some sailors had volunteered to provide help. They shot her motorcycle and left her that they’d fix it.

If they didn’t return, she phoned and advised her sister who this occurred and she had been worried/scared. Her sister asked her to proceed to a crowded place such as toll booth to become secure. Afterwards, when her relatives attempted calling herphone was turned off. The concerned family moved into the place cited and looked out to her, however, did not find her.

Her household immediately registered a complaint with the authorities. This afternoon, an individual charred beyond comprehension has been discovered in Shadnagar. The household identified the human body since Dr Priyanka with the support of a Ganesh locket she had been sporting. Her body has been sent to the post mortem and the analysis is currently underway.

Hyderabad has ever been regarded as a safe town. Nevertheless, the gruesome murder of Priyanka Reddy has abandoned the people of this town shocked, saddened and upset. Many taxpayers took on Twitter to condemn this heinous action and a number of celebs also voiced outrage from the event.

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Karanvir Bohra: I am so upset and shocked at What’s occurred to #PriyankaReddy This occurring in my state angers memakes my blood flow. The penalty to such murderers and rapists must be so intense for such a heinous offense. #RIPPriyankaReddy

Keerthy Suresh: #RIPPriyankaReddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

Allu Sirish: I’m extremely unhappy, mad and feel helpless. I am hoping our collective anger ends in justice for Priyanka, however, also ensures more security measures for ladies. #JusticeForPriyankaReddy I’d like women to maneuver freely & fearlessly, however I would still ask you all to take considerable security precautions. I really don’t know what to say. 1 part of me wants them to become daring, but a different part of me worries their security.

Allari Naresh: Nothing short of gruesome and repulsive….Deeply bothered hearing it. We as a nation should safeguard our women or we don’t have any future as a race. Hope justice . #RIPPriyankaReddy

Sudheer Babu: I’m upset…. To a degree I can’t share anything in the episode…. I ask all of my sisters out there to take assistance of the Authorities, reside location programs and crisis calling choices as soon as it takes the absolute most. My prayers for the soul. #RIPPriyankaReddy

R Sarath Kumar: #RIPPriyankaReddy Entirely stunned & angered by this evil, dreadful, snobby unpardonable crime.Respecting & shielding girls ought to be the top priority of almost any society. India, famous for raping girls as types of Goddesses should understand to deal with them as equals. #Hyderabad #RIPPriyankaReddy India, famous for raping girls as types of Goddesses should understand to deal with them as equals at least.When Suitable #SexEducation not in position & #GruesomePunishments is the sole means. I condemn #HyderabadHorror

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Dr.Rajasekhar: Heartbroken, #Priyankareddy and #Manasa. Simply outrageous. Those responsible have to be punished, just how long does this go on? Just how a lot more souls if we shed! The press and others online are being shameless! Where are your morals and ethics? Sharing pictures of the sufferer. . . . How insensitive are you? Give the households some distance, make them mourn! Quit surrounding them along with your own cameras and mics. As a dad of 2 women, my heart goes out to your families, I really hope they get the strength to handle the reduction #PriyankaReddy and #Manasa deserve justice.

BVS Ravi: Priyanka incident is equally as gore or should more than Nirbhaya. It reflects insufficient security for girls in addition to lack of dread for regulation. Root cause is erroneous brought up from youth and reforms must begin from instruction parenting about the best way best to bring up sons to the society.

Adivi Sesh: Our capacity to care for our Mothers, Daughters and Sisters decides our value as a country. And we’re failing. I think of shift. However, I dont understand what shift to contribute to eliminate such evil in the hearts of all those critters. Something has to be carried out. And we’re failing.

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Varun Sandesh: What a dreadful incident. . So sad to hear about Priyanka Reddy being contested. . raped. . N burnt alive. . I do not know what punishment could be sufficient for your *****ds who did so. . My condolences and prayers upward to your household. . #RIPPriyankaReddy #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

Lavanya Tripathi: Its exceptionally disgusting and disturbing, may not even imagine the pain which woman had to undergo, and her loved ones. . Waiting for justice must be served. . #RIPPriyankaReddy

Mehreen Pirzada: #RIPPriyankaReddy Entirely stunned by this information, one expects that the perpetrators of this type of heinous crime are brought to justice quickly

Mahesh S Koneru: #RIPPriyankaReddy Very Sad. Very Angry. Hyderabad Police @hydcitypolice and #SheTeam components are extremely responsive. Please spread awareness of friends and loved ones. When at risk or whenever you are feeling threatened, reach them out instantly. Everyone needs to understand how to accomplish this. #RIPPriyankaReddy Police and also #SheTeams could be reached via Telephone or even societal websites. Let’s be cautious. I am hoping the animals who committed this crime are brought to justice quickly. Praying for advantage to your household

VV Vinayak: #RIPPriyankaReddy Please penalize all of that basterd who participates involved in this situation whenever possible

Shravya Varma: Witnessing the many conducive and excruciating journalism now. Shoving mics into confronts of somebody who lost his sister and daughter than 24 hrs before, parading her stays all around the stations is only callous from the name of humor. #Priyankareddy

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