Dr. Fauci Upset After Trump Software Him in Advertisement Campaign

Dr. Fauci Upset After Trump Uses Him In Ad Campaign

Dr. Anthony Fauci is angry following Donald Trump used his words at a current advertising campaign — he also says his words had been taken out of context and Trump didn’t have his consent to use him to the advertisement.

“In my almost five years of public service, I have not openly endorsed any political offender. The remarks attributed to me with no consent at the GOP campaign advertisement were shot out of context from a wide announcement I created months back about the attempts of national public health officials,” Fauci told CNN.

The Trump effort published the newest advertisement last week following the President was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after remedy for Covid-19. From the movie, the narrator states:”President Trump is recovering in the coronavirus, so is America. Together we climbed to meet with the challenge, protecting our seniors, even obtaining them drugs in record time, even sparing no cost.”

The advertisement then flashes Fauci that states,”I can not imagine that anyone can be doing .”

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