Dr. 90210 Patient Is Fed Up”Wrestling That Bitch Gravity”

Dr. 90210 Patient Is Fed Up "Wrestling With That Bitch Gravity"

Forever young about the inside and out. 

Tonight’s all-new event of Dr. 90210 introduced Barbara, a 60-year old individual who feels as though she is within her 30s. But as she clarified before her consultation with Dr. Michelle Lee,”When I look at the mirror, that is not what I am watching.”

“Each morning I awaken and I am wrestling with this bitch gravity. . .and daily, she is f–king winning!” Barbara declared. “And I am sick of it”

She added her confidence is so low that she has not”had some activity” for five decades. 

“As you become older as a lady, it is unfortunate, however, we do become just a bit undetectable,” Barbara explained in a confessional. “F–k that. I am not done with dwelling however. Now’s the opportunity to create these lifestyle changes”

Along with this, she was prepared to fulfill Dr. Lee–that the self-described”plastic surgeon groupie” dubbed”an artist”–to talk about the concept of a facelift!

In the meeting, Barbara clarified that she was not making this choice to a whim; she had been planning to move to Chicago later 31 years old residing in Los Angeles. 

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