Don’t Look Up Ending Explained

Don't Look Up Ending Explained
Don't Look Up Ending Explained

Directed by Adam McKay, Don’t Look Up is an American satirical sci-fi movie distributed by Netflix. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role-playing the characters of Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiaski respectively while Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, and Mark Raylan add to the supporting cast.

Don’t Look Up is hinted at around the media and how politics view the matter of climate change. With so many scientific proofs on the table, there are still many people who believe that Climate Change is a hoax. Adam McKay takes an attempt at addressing this thing in a satirical way in Don’t Look Up. Let’s discuss the Don’t Look Up Ending explained and break down its last moments.

Don't Look Up Ending Explained
Don’t Look Up Ending Explained

Don’t Look Up Plot

 Leonardo DiCaprio who plays an astronomy professor by the name of Randall at Michigan State University one day meets one of the Ph.D. candidates who informs him about a comet Kate Dibiaski, who is a Ph. D candidate tells Randall about the comet which is closing in on Earth that she sighted.

Randall after heeding her warning decides to calculate the distance between comet and Earth. According to his deductions, he concludes that the comet will strike the Earth in the next 14 days. He immediately contacts Kennedy Space Center about this danger.

He gets in contact with Teddy who understands how grave this situation is. The trio gets together and visits the president of the United States Janie Orlean to inform her of the situation. However, once they meet her, she and her son mock three of them and dismiss their claims.

After the disappointment in the White House, they turn to New York Herald for help. However, they try to present it comically and Katie swears on national television. None of the people take their warnings seriously. Will the trio be able to convince the world about upcoming danger or is Earth just going to perish?

President’s Attempt to Destroy the Comet

Janie saw this as an opportunity to rebrand herself since the elections were just near. She decided to make the destruction of the comet more flashy to gather the support of the people and become a more heroic personality. She got a racist war hero to accompany the missile and launch it toward the comet.

Despite her flashy attempts, she was atleast going to destroy the comet that would’ve caused harm to Earth. However, Peter Isherwell, her major election sponsor had a change of heart. He discovered that there were invaluable minerals on the comet. Hence he wanted a piece of it.

He decided to break the comet into small pieces instead of destroying it so that he can preserve it. Janie obviously couldn’t do anything about it because Isherwell was her sponsor. The capitalist was more focused on making money, rather than ensuring well being of the planet.

Don't Look Up Ending Explained
Don’t Look Up Ending Explained

Don’t Look Up Ending Explained – Did Earth Survive?

Peter started blackmailing the people who were against him using drones on the comet. After all, he had stored all the data of people who were using his cell phones. Meanwhile, Randall tried convincing people about the upcoming calamity. He succeeded in convincing a few, however, the number was still too small.

As per his review of the BEED, he tries to tell everyone about the potential failure of Peter’s attempts, however, once again nobody listened to him. In the end, Peter went ahead with his plan to destroy the comet, but his drones failed to do the job.

Now all the options were closed and Earth had no other option but to wait for its extinction. Randall decided to stay his last moments surrounded by his loved ones, meanwhile, the important people on the upper hierarchy left the planet in a spaceship for the search of another Earth-like planet.

As Randall had foreseen, the comet struck Earth and caused an apocalypse. Peter, Janie, and others came across another Earth-like planet, but Janie got killed by one of its creatures. The rest of the people will probably try to survive or wait upon their inevitable death.

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