Don’t Breathe 2 Ending Explained – Did Norman Survive?

Don't Breath 2 Ending Explained
Don't Breath 2 Ending Explained

Directed by Rodo Sayagues, Don’t Breathe 2 is a sequel to Don’t Breathe distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. It stars Stephan Lang in the lead role who reprises his role from the previous film along with Brendon Saxton III and Madelyn Grace in the supporting cast.

Once again, the plot focuses on an ex-assassin Norman whose house previously got infiltrated by a bunch of thieves who suffered deadly circumstances. This time again, he has returned however, a different type of challenge awaits him. Let’s talk about Don’t Breathe 2 ending explained and break down its final moments.

Don't Breath 2 Ending Explained
Don’t Breathe 2 Ending Explained

Don’t Breathe 2 Plot

In the previous movie, Norman was portrayed as a highly-skilled assassin who took down multiple young targets despite being a blind person. It was an exciting movie and presented the viewers with the personality of this assassin.

Now in the second part, the movie starts with a focus on an empty street with a house burning on the side. We see a little girl walking down the road, completely all alone. 8 years after the incident, she was living with Norman.

The little girl didn’t go to school and did any other activities that kids of her age do. Normal didn’t want her to know about her past since it would cause her some trauma. Instead, he made a story that he is her father and that they lost their house in a fire.

Raylan’s Invasion

After adopting her, Norman started training Phoenix in martial arts. One day, Raylan invaded Norman’s house with his gang. Raylan was an organ dealer and he had supposedly come to the house for similar reasons.

Norman catches the sniff of Raylan and his men and uses his combat skills to subdue them one by one. The old assassin is too much for them as he gets rid of each individual. However, the numbers are still on the side of Raylan.

In the last moments of the fight, Raylan reveals that he didn’t come here to hurt anyone. Instead, he came here to take Phoenix with her who is her biological daughter. He takes Phoenix with her and leaves.

Josephine’s Situation

Raylan gives Tara an option to leave or stay. She decides to leave but stumbles upon Josephine who poses as his mother. Josephine was the key person in the development of drugs that Raylan’s gang was selling and she needed a heart transplant to survive.

The plan was to bring in Tara and have her give her heart to Josephine. The doctor was ready to perform the surgery however, Norman barges into the house and creates chaos.

Don't Breath 2 Ending Explained
Don’t Breathe 2 Ending Explained

Don’t Breathe 2 Ending Explained – Did Norman Survive?

After coming into the house, a fight breaks out between Norman and Raylan’s men. He kills everyone present in the vicinity and lays down with the blood of the pool. He tells Tara to leave him as he does not wish to be saved.

Tara honors his wishes and goes to the shelter where she makes new friends. In that we, her dreams come true. Later we learn that it was Raylan’s dog who guided Norman to his hideout.

Raylan had left his dog to die in the fire, however, it was Norman who saved the dog and hence it became loyal to him. In the last sequence, the dog licked Norman and he moves his hands indicating that he’s still alive.

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