Donnie Wahlberg Leaves $2,020 Suggestion for Server in Massachusetts Restaurant!

Donnie Wahlberg completely made this server daily!

Back Saturday (November 7), the 51-year old Blue Bloods celebrity uttered in a Marshland restaurant place at Plymouth, Mass., also abandoned his host Denise Andrews, a 2,020 suggestion to a $35. 27 charge.

“A very special thank you to our buddy @donniewahlberg! When asked about that he said ‘who is up next?! ”’ the restaurant published on Instagram and a photograph of Donnie‘s reception.

“Donnie was here before in the past and that he constantly asks for [Denise],” Marshland restaurant proprietor Marty Finch shared by Individuals. “He had his regular order: beef tips with a few grilled asparagus and a few poached eggs. She knows what he needs.”

“If he left he simply said,’Denise you are all set. The payment is currently on the desk,”’ Marty remembered. “She constantly says he is a really good tipper anyhow but her jaw fell, to say the very least, when she noticed that level of hint.”

That is not the first time Donnie left a very generous idea for a host. Before this season, he and spouse Jenny McCarthy left a 2,2020 suggestion to get a waiter after dining in an IHOP.

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