Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t Know Anything About QAnon, Will Not Denounce

Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Know Anything About QAnon, Won't Denounce
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Donald Trump says he Is Consistently denounced white supremacy Regardless of his stumbling block to the Discussion Point, but he Will Not denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Trump refused to condemn the eccentric QAnon concept during Thursday’s city hall on NBC with Savannah Guthrie … along with his rationale — he does not understand anything about that.

Fast refresher… QAnon asserts, among other items, the entire world has been run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles that are moving from Trump in exactly the identical time they run a worldwide kid sex-trafficking ring.

Trump claims that he can not denounce this, or inform the American public it is all false, since he is not up to speed about the concept… besides understanding QAnon is against pedophilia exactly like he’s

POTUS brushed off many factors Guthrie made… such as the truth GOP Sen. Ben Sasse has ripped the concept as”nuts” and stated actual leaders predict conspiracy theories.

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Guthrie also pressed Trump on his compliments to denounce white supremacy at the discussion, and he also maintained he’s consistently denounced white supremacists… regardless of the fact that he advised the Proud Boys into”return and stand .”

Trump got superb defensive, subsequently assaulted Guthrie and the press.

There are a number of matters Trump says he is well versed and pleased to denounce…”Antifa along with the revolutionary left.”

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