Donald Trump Rips Barack Obama Following Blistering Rebuke Of Presidency

Donald Trump Rips Barack Obama After Blistering Rebuke Of Presidency
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Donald Trump and Barack Obama are taking off the Gloves… Trump Simply ripped Obama Following his blistering rebuke of Trump’s presidency.

The Prez went nuts about Obama through Wednesday’s rally in North Carolina, and it sure sounds like he saw Barry split into him through a fiery speech at Philadelphia.

nobody gets beneath Trump’s epidermis such as Obama, therefore it is no surprise that he fired back in the prior president… Trump says he is really thankful Obama’s hitting on the campaign trail and eventually stumping for Joe Biden.

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Trump advised his assistants a narrative about studying Obama was nominated for Biden, and he also asserts he informed his aides it is a blessing in disguise since nobody campaigned tougher for Hillary Clinton compared to Obama, and see how he turned out.

Trump’s undoubtedly been carrying this grudge for many years — pointing out Obama made it wrong in 2016 by telling folks Trump would not operate, would not win the nomination and would not win against the White House.

Trump was additional smug… and he stated the only man more miserable than Hillary about Election Night 2016 had been Obama.

Yeah, Obama certainly got to Trump.

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