Donald Trump (Kind Of) Finally Concedes This Joe Biden Won The Election, BUT…

Prepare for many years more of the nonsense, since at this speed, Donald Trump is not likely to move away.

The one-term President, whose agency in office comes to a conclusion towards the end of January following President-elect Joe Biden is guaranteed in, can not quit talking about the way the 2020 election has been”rigged” from the”bogus news websites.” And on Sunday afternoon, Trump eventually made progress in 1 place: he eventually confessed that Biden really won!!! Well, kind of…

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The Donald was going on it Twitter for hours today. That itself isn’t news, contemplating that the President has used Twitter as a battering ram for the previous four years about whatever stage that he wishes to make in any moment. On Sunday afternoon, he shifted tactics a little, then went on accusations (with no proof ) that the election had been rigged . Oh, brother.

It started hours before, first in the afternoon to the east shore, when Trump responded to some tweet by Fox News server Jesse Watters, that himself could not figure out the way Biden obtained. (Suggestion: Biden acquired about 5 thousand more votes than Trump! ) )

In reaction, Trump tweeted that jewel, which as much as we could tell is that the very first time he is admitted (whether actual or rigged) which Biden really did win the election:

What is so, Donald? What do these first two phrases of the tweet here state? Wow! / (c) Donald Trump/Twitter

Nevertheless, it is all crap.

But that did not prevent him from backing this up again and with just two insane tweets regarding conspiracy theories, rigged elections, and also the simple fact he still won’t ever concede (under ):

Oh, wellback off the end, we view… / (c) Donald Trump/TwitterAaaand just completely besides reality once again. Ah, well. / (c) Donald Trump/Twitter

Ever the course behave, this man.

By now, obviously, that the tweets are goofy AF. But how he is using them is getting increasingly more apparent: there is nothing that he could realistically do to prevent Biden from ascending into the Presidency at 2020 — instead of an all-purpose coup, that could be genuinely crazy, actually for Trump… who’s too lazy and hard to be successful at something like this.

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However long term, that sets the dining table for four decades of Trump going on Fox News or anything cable station he is much more in love with (his own?) And griping about the way he won the electionand it had been stolen . And , perhaps, in 2024, he will run on a full size conspiracy theory ticket asserting that the entire world has it in for him, or some thing.

The purpose isthe sole instrument in Trump’s instrument box would be to whine to his fast dwindling base of sycophants and suckers, also dropping this election gave him carte blanche to bitch and moan to the subsequent four decades.

Get prepared, Perezcious readers). It is likely to be LONG four decades…

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