Donald Trump is scarier than Stephen King’s novels

Donald Trump is scarier than Stephen King’s novels

Donal Trump vs Stephan King’s novels

Stephen King is one of the prominent figures when it comes to remarkable horror stories. Recently, the journalist and writer Stephen King was asked to give a few perspectives about Doland Trump and his administration.

During the interview, the interviewer did ask King a question about Donald Trump. The conversation said if President Donald Trump is much scarier than King’s stories. When Stephen King heard this question for the first time, he burst out with laughter. Later after he did finish laughing at the hilarious question, he said that he feels Trump is scarier. By the looks of it, Donald Trump might not like the reply that Stephen King gave about him.

What is Stephen King’s stance on Donald Trump’s presidency?

When Donald Trump came into power, Stephen King felt that it is possible for a politician to do things irrespective of the mainstream. Donald Trump, on the other hand, did everything he felt was necessary to capture the hearts, imaginations, and minds of the people of America.

Greg Stillson, a character that came to life in Stephen King’s novel, namely Dead Zone, has an unpredictable nature. The reason why King said about Stillson is that the story has already been adapted as a remarkable film. In the film version of Martin Sheen portrays the role of Greg Stillson. In the movie, there are some bizarre scenes; however, they are relatable in real life.

Is Greg Stillson similar to Trump in real life?

By the time Stephen King wrote “The Dead Zone,” he had brought a character to life who rises through the ranks. Moreover, the rising of Greg Stillson comes from the prior election. Additionally, this is precisely something that Trump’s career as the POTUS is all about.

King also said that he didn’t predict the future of America after writing about Greg Stillson. But it seems things in books can be real in life.

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