Donald Trump Doesn’t Have a Concession Speech Ready If He Loses The Election

Donald Trump Does Not Possess a Concession Speech Prepared When He Loses The Election

Donald Trump doesn’t own a concession speech prepared if he wins tonight.

The 74-year old President talked to colleagues and disclosed that he does not have any language composed right now — a concession, or even a victory address.

“No, I am not considering concession speech or approval speech nevertheless,” he shared after being asked whether he is prepped anything. “Hopefully we will be just doing one of the two, and you also know, winning is simple, losing is not simple — maybe not for me personally it is not.”

Trump is up from Joe Biden from the race and surveys are closing in several important countries for both candidates.

He chose at Grand Rapids, Michigan for his closing rally and informed the audience that when he lost the nation from the surveys, he would never return.

“You can not allow that happen to our nation, ok?” He explained. “Can you imagine the notion of losing to the man? …Oh, so you get out there and vote again tomorrow. I will be so furious. I will never return.”

President Trump about Election Day at Arlington, Virginia:

“I am not considering a concession address or approval speech nonetheless… You know, winning is simple. Losing is not simple — not for me personally, it is not.”

— NBC News (@NBCNews) November 3, 2020

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