Don Lemon Says He Must’Eliminate’ Friends Who Service Trump, Gets Mixed Reactions

Don Lemon Says He Must’Eliminate’ Friends Who Service Trump, Gets Mixed Reactions

Don Lemon is not playing with this election, particularly in regards to his private life. The CNN anchor disclosed about his show Thursday night (Oct. 29th), which he’s had to cut away friends that encourage present president Donald Trump. 

He explained:

“There are a whole lot of friends who had to actually eliminate since they are so non-sensical in regards to this problem. They’ve each and every talking point they hear state TV and they hear from the president, they replicate it and they are intimidated by it…”

He lasted:

“I needed to eliminate them since they are too much. I try and I try and I trythey say something very dumb and I’ll show them with the science and I will provide them the advice, and they repeat those talking points”

CNN’s @donlemon:”I have lots of men and women who love in my entire life… There are a whole lot of friends I needed to actually eliminate because they’re so non-sensical in regards to [Trump]. If they are prepared to return and eager to reside in fact, then I shall welcome them with open arms” pic.twitter.com/eLsVX1qAdD

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 30, 2020

Don Lemon also stated as a way to modify their minds, they’d need to become similar to an addict who struck an all-time non.

“I needed to eliminate a whole lot of people in my personal own life because sometimes you have just got to let these proceed. I believe they must hit rock bottom just like an enthusiast, right? And they must want to find aid, they must wish to understand the fact, they must want to reside in fact they must wish to be accountable not just for different people’s lives but also because of their lifestyles. So that you know everything? It is so miserable. I really don’t know if later, I shall ever be in a position to return and be friends with these people. They are too far gone, so I gotkindly let them move. If they’re eager to return, if they’re eager to reside in fact, then I will welcome them with open arms. I, however, can not do it .”

His remarks captured so much attention his title began trending on Twitter. Watch a couple of responses below:

What would you consider Don Lemon cutting his Trump-supporting pals? Comment and tell us!

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