Dolph Lundgren Takes Emma Krokdal to Her First Premiere, Hopes to Marry ‘Next Year’!

Dolph Lundgren Takes Fiancée Emma Krokdal to Her First Premiere, Hopes to Marry 'Next Year'

With the entire family, Dolph Lundgren is making his film debut in the family movie genre. The 64-year-old Rocky IV actor chatted to PEOPLE while outing with his family at the Minions: The Rise of Gru premiere on Saturday in Los Angeles. He was joined by his fiancée Emma Krokdal, who was attending this event for the first time.

“She adores it. Last week, I took them out and bought them these yellow clothes “explained Lundgren. We’re really enjoying it because she hasn’t attended a premiere since I first met her three years ago due to COVID.

Together with his daughters Ida, 26, and Greta, 20, who were also there, he and Krokdal, 25, wore complementary yellow outfits. Krokdal posted pictures from the premiere, where she and her future stepdaughters sat in seats decorated like Minions, “Yellow squad to see the Minions.”

Lundgren clarified that he is managing the wedding preparations, which were postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. We simply lost two years, he explained.

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So ideally, we’ll travel to Scandinavia next year. However, Lundgren noted that doing so in the winter would put travelers in the thick of a snowfall. So perhaps we’ll do it maybe in Norway or Sweden next spring or something. In June 2020, the Aquaman actor proposed to Krokdal, a Norwegian personal trainer, and posted a picture of the happy couple’s engagement ring on Instagram. Lundgren captioned the photo, saying, “Something very wonderful happened here in Sweden.”

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Dolph Lundgren Takes Fiancée Emma Krokdal to Her First Premiere, Hopes to Marry 'Next Year'

In the animated film Minions: The Rise of Gru, Dolph Lundgren provides the voice of Vengeance, a member of the vicious Vicious 6. He discussed his choice to play a more family-friendly character than what he has come to be known for in an interview with PEOPLE.

“I believe that staying relevant in this industry as you age might be challenging. Obviously, doing so is beneficial, “added Lundgren. And because this movie is so different from the movies I usually see, it’s nice to be able to bring my daughters over to see it.

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