Has Tami Roman Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

does tami roman have cancer

TV host, model, entrepreneur, and actress Tami Roman was formerly known as Tamisha Akbar. As a result of his appearance on The Real World: Los Angeles in 1993, Roman quickly became a household name.

What Is Wrong with Tami Roman; Does She Have Cancer?

Body dysmorphic disorder is a chronic condition for Tami Roman. During an episode of The Real, she disclosed her health problem and discussed her disease openly.

does tami roman have cancer

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In an interview for Basketball Wives, the celebrity said she had struggled with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) since she was 13 years old.

When she was 13 and living in New York City, she visited a modeling agency where an agent “tore me to bits,” causing a dramatic shift in her self-perception.

Tami, a 5’9″ youngster who weighed 120 pounds, was heavily attacked by her agency, who said she had “back folds,” “fat knees,” “a pudgy chin,” and “saggy breasts.” Since then, every time Tami looked in the mirror she would find something to criticize about her appearance.

Because of what happened, she no longer trusted her own judgment about her appearance. Since then, Tami has been plagued by a mental health problem. Fans of the Real World: Los Angeles actress is concerned about her health because of her recent weight loss.

Recently, she was given the news that she has Type 2 diabetes. Because of her illness, she struggles to maintain a healthy weight and positive self-image.

Her body image has been polarizing among her followers because of her struggles with diabetes and body dysmorphic disorder, which have contributed to her weight concerns.

Is Reggie Still Married to Tami Roman?

Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood are still married. Since 2018, they’ve been happily married.

Reggie Youngblood, a former NFL player, has been seen seeing Tami Roman since 2013 when the two were frequently spotted attending events and walking red carpets together. It didn’t take long for their romantic chemistry to shine through.

does tami roman have cancer

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In their early years as a marriage, they were included in shows like Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. They made the choice to try to start a family as well. Since Roman had a miscarriage, she has not conceived again.

Tami and Reggie got engaged after dating for a few years. As a result, in August 2018, they married in a private ceremony. Some people, including Tami’s family, had doubts about the couple’s future because of the 17-year age gap between her and her husband, Reggie, who is seven years younger. The lovely duo, despite naysayers, has stayed together ever since.

Tami was previously married to former NBA player Kenny Anderson before she wed the NFL great. They tied the knot on August 26th, 1994, and now have two young women under their care: Lyric Chanel, born in ’94, and Jazz Anderson, born in ’96.

Though they were married for a while, Roman and Anderson eventually called it quits and divorced in February of 2001. Tami has been very forthcoming about Kenny’s history of infidelity with other women.

If You Were to Guess, how Much Money Do You Think Tami Roman Has Right Now?

Tami Roman’s net worth is reported to be $3.5 million by Celebrity Net Worth. Her extensive acting career, hosting gigs, retail sales, and other sources contributed to that sum.

According to an article in the US Sun, the original cast of Basketball Wives earned around $7,500 per episode. However, given how long Tami was on the show, it’s safe to assume that she made significantly more than that throughout the years.

Though she quit the VH1 series at the end of its eighth season, I have no doubt that she is now making a far larger sum of money from her other projects and television work. A net worth of more than $3.5 million wouldn’t surprise me for her.

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