Does Yellowstone’s John Dutton Have Cancer? The Answer Inside!

does john dutton have cancer

Yellowstone’s main character is John Dutton III. He is a rancher in Montana. He owns one of the United States’ largest cattle farms. He is the series’ main character.

Does John Dutton Have Cancer?

does john dutton have cancer

Yeah, John Dutton is suffering from colon cancer. While everyone chuckles, John finally makes a significant presence and begins to cough up blood. The onsite veterinarian performs an x-ray on the spot and informs him that he will bleed out in twenty minutes due to a perforated ulcer.

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Will John Dutton Die?

does john dutton have cancer

In a recent article, we speculated on various endings to the Yellowstone saga, and the case has only become stronger in season 5.

If you’ve been paying attention to the subtext of the fifth season, you’ll have noticed a reoccurring theme: this world is not meant for cowboys. The creator of the program, Taylor Sheridan, has continuously reminded us of John’s (Kevin Costner) impending death. John has been reminded repeatedly that his family’s management of Yellowstone is archaic. He must evolve, or Yellowstone will perish.

So possibly not just Yellowstone is in danger of extinction.

John is a true survivor, having survived a horrific attack on his family during which he was riddled with gunshots. His ulcers have caused significant health issues, and of course, there was his colon cancer. The latter was a huge concern at the beginning of the show’s run, but it has now been forgotten. Or have you?

John and Kayce (Luke Grimes), undoubtedly John’s favorite kid, shared an awkward moment in the midseason finale, in which John gave Kayce a bear hug and told him he loved him. Kayce was taken aback by his father’s outburst of passion, as he is normally stern, despite possessing some warmth. What if John knows the information he does not like to share with others? What if the disease has returned?

If true, John has spent the entire season preserving the legacy of his family. Audience members misinterpret his apathy to his new position as governor as a Dutton trait, but John may not worry about legal repercussions or pushback because he will no longer be present.

There have been reports that Costner may wish to leave the series, and while it is unknown how many more seasons Yellowstone will have, it is possible that season 5 will be Costner’s last.

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Throughout The Entire Series

does john dutton have cancer

John is the patriarch of the Dutton family and the proprietor of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest ranch in the United States, located due east of Bozeman in Park. Former Montana Livestock Commissioner and one of the most recognized and influential members of the Bozeman to Livingston communities. At the request of Governor Lynelle Perry, he resigned, and his son, Kayce Dutton, was named the next Livestock Commissioner.

The show also revealed that he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a number of episodes as a result of the illness. Upon learning that Governor Perry would be running for the United States Senate, he was offered a possible endorsement for the Governorship and informed that his foster son, the current state attorney general, Jamie, was also seeking the same position. John, aware of Jamie’s aspirations and the impact his career would have on the ranch, took a risk, traveled to Helena, and announced his campaign for governor of Montana.

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