The Walking Dead: What Killed Carl Grimes?

does carl die in the walking dead

Inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, this realistic drama takes place in the years after a zombie apocalypse. A band of survivors is always on the road, looking for a safe place to call home.

Many people in the group succumb to the most base forms of human brutality as they struggle to stay alive, and they learn that their own collective terror can be more lethal than the zombies among them. When compared to the roving hordes of walkers, interpersonal problems can be a greater threat to the survivors’ continued existence.

In the Walking Dead, How Did Carl Grimes Pass Away?

It was about midway through season eight of The Walking Dead when Carl died.
He’d been wandering about in the woods for some time now, following the trail of a mysterious guy he’d met at a petrol station earlier in the series.

Carl decided to take the mysterious Siddiq (Avi Nash) back to Alexandria with him. Season 8’s flashback reveals, however, that the two ran across several Walkers. Carl, who had been bitten in the torso but had kept the injury a secret, watches as his father Rick (Andrew Lincoln) makes preparations for war against the Saviors.

does carl die in the walking dead

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Carl was quickly overcome by the symptoms of the bite as he sought refuge from Negan in the sewers beneath Alexandria. Carl is discovered by Rick and Michonne (Danai Guria), who realize he must die to prevent being reanimated.

Carl said to Michonne as his father was still reeling in shock, “I have to do this, myself.” Carl then expressed his affection for Rick and Michonne before they abandoned him in the bowels of Alexandria with a weapon.

A terrible scene occurs when Rick and Michonne are standing outside the sewer when they hear a gunshot. It turns out Carl had shot himself. Carl’s death was a suicide, yet some The Walking Dead viewers hold Siddiq responsible.

So, Why Did Carl Have to Die, and Why Did Chandler Riggs Quit Playing Him?

does carl die in the walking dead

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Riggs’s dad claims that the authors, not his son the actor, made the call to kill off Carl. Riggs’s father wrote extensively on Facebook before deleting his comment, which read: “Just to clear once and for all: Chandler didn’t want to quit the show.”

According to him, the actor was “devastated” to learn of his departure. After his final episodes aired, Riggs talked about his decision to leave the show. It wasn’t only Carl dying, it was also me leaving the show and kind of moving on to other things,” the TWD star stated at San Jose Fan Fest.

Therefore, it was significant not only for myself but for the entire cast and crew, for me to be leaving the show at all.

“Yeah, it dragged, and it was many hard days, but I’m really thrilled with how it ended out and how I’m really happy with my performances and how I left the show.”

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