Document hysteria exposes profound hypocrisy

database hysteria exposes deep hypocrisy

The Australian press needs we’re scared by Chinese companies performing precisely what Japanese spy agencies are doing for many years.

Using the following dozen tales across the press over the”Zhenhua Data flow” now, Australian journalists do a fabulous impersonation of cats at YouTube movies — those in which an innocuous bit of fruit or veg is put behind an unsuspecting creature, producing theoretically amusing responses of shock at the bad feline.

Elsewhere, a apt indifference approached the supposedly profoundly worrying database which includes the Australian Financial Review pontificating about Chinese hindrance.

“Maybe not something which’s helpful enough for intelligence or military targeting” and”totally aspirational” are just two of the descriptions employed by an individual US cybersecurity pro. “Open-source information is used for routing,” based on your congressman in the House Intelligence Committee.

Oh, wait, therefore… we may do precisely the exact same thing since the miscreants in Zhenhua?

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Some of many AFR authors — that is the largest AFR beat-up because its past Tim Wilson business super fund narrative, all packed under the foolish name”The China Files” — confessed it was”possible” that”US, British, Australian and other countries are mining and scratching publicly accessible information to their own ends”.

Well, it is more than”possible”. We all know for a fact that they do it in the Snowden stuff. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are one of the programs targeted at the NSA, Australian Signals Directorate along with additional Five Eyes intelligence bureaus.

In reality, then-president Barack Obama at a single point piously whined about the privacy impact of Enormous Tech social networking programs while saying nothing about the way his intelligence agencies depended upon it.

However, what will AFR readers understand about exactly what Edward Snowden shown? The AFR studiously averted covering Snowden’s broad revelations of their offenses, abuses and misconduct of Five Eyes intelligence bureaus — in spite of the fact that among the key revelations has been the huge scope to that Five Eyes agencies participate in commercial espionage instead of chase terrorists or terrorists.

Maybe the AFR Requires of our intelligence officers when they occupied themselves to the enhancement of shareholders, instead of shielding Australia?

What the AFR provided about Snowden rather may be summed up from the next headlines. “Was Edward Snowden a Russian broker? “;”Edward Snowden: whistleblower or traitor”;”Edward Snowden is an offender”;”strongest spy claims Snowden flows will probably cost lives”;”Newest Snowden leaks’profoundly troubling”’;”Edward Snowden gets Russian net technician project: record”;”Media crossing the lineup on incoming escapes”.

Certainly the AFR was overly busy smearing Snowden along with the journalists who reported that his significant revelations to listen to what he really revealed about what Japanese spy agencies do and for their own taxpayers, not Chinese politicians and business numbers.

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