Do Macs Support Netflix Downloads?

can you download netflix on mac

Do you want to know how to use a Mac to access Netflix when offline? Maybe you want to download Netflix movies on your MacBook so you can watch them on a plane? There are a few clumsy workarounds you can employ because there isn’t a straightforward way to achieve this.

Is Netflix Downloadable on A Mac?

can you download netflix on mac

There isn’t a native Netflix app available for macOS, which is a shame. You’ll need to use a web browser to watch Netflix on a Mac. Strangely, Safari offers one of the top in-browser Netflix streaming experiences, enabling viewing in 4K and HDR thanks to Apple’s implementation of HDCP 2.2 support. Also, HDCP 2.2 compliant on Windows is Microsoft Edge.

But, Safari does not support watching Netflix content offline. Hence, Netflix content cannot be downloaded for offline viewing on a Mac. On an iPhone or iPad, you can use the official Netflix app to achieve this, but there isn’t anything for macOS currently.

In spite of the fact that contemporary Apple Silicon Mac models with an M1 processor or better can run iOS and iPadOS apps natively, Netflix has chosen to discontinue support for its iPad app under macOS. Even if you use the “iPhone & iPad Applications” button to filter results, you won’t be able to download the Netflix software from the App Store.

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How to Use a VM on A Mac to Download Netflix Films

can you download netflix on mac


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Thankfully, Netflix has a dedicated app for Windows that enables users of Microsoft’s operating system to stream 4K HDR television and download Netflix content to watch later without an internet connection. Because Windows for ARM, a version of Windows that runs well on current Apple Semiconductor hardware, and normal versions of Windows (for Intel or AMD CPUs), this is fantastic news for Mac customers.

Thus you may access the Windows Netflix app on your Mac by running Windows there using virtualization tools like Parallels. It’s a bit of a complicated workaround, but if you already have a virtual machine (VM) set up, it’s a terrific way to watch Netflix videos offline. If you can think of another reason to spend time and money running Windows on your Mac, it may also be a worthwhile endeavor.

The simplest method for achieving this on Apple Silicon (M1 or later) and Intel-based Mac computers is Parallels. The program practically sets everything up for you, including downloading, installing, and setting up Windows user accounts. You can also do out this manually on Apple Silicon using UTM, which is excellent for installing Linux.

Free virtualization software called VirtualBox has decent compatibility for Intel Mac models and limited support for Apple Silicon as of November 2022. If you still own an Intel Mac, Boot Camp can be used to set up Windows on a different partition.

After Windows is running, whether it’s in a virtual machine or on your computer directly, go to the Windows Store and look for Netflix. You may stream or download Netflix movies and episodes for offline viewing by clicking the “Download” icon (which resembles a downward arrow) next to each movie or episode once you download the app, launch it, and log in.

Can You Air Play Netflix from An iPhone or iPad to Your Mac?

Netflix cannot be AirPlayed from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac or MacBook for offline viewing, which is a bummer. Only the native Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad lets you watch offline material.

Netflix will let you know that it cannot do this with offline content if you attempt to use an offline download to accomplish this. Infuriatingly, the program instructs users to “Use the Netflix app on your TV” if they try to do this using content that they haven’t downloaded, even since there isn’t a Netflix app for macOS.

You can share your cellular connection with your Mac using Personal Hotspot if there are no nearby wireless networks but you have a fast enough mobile connection (and enough mobile data to warrant streaming).

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