Discord is on its way to end its Stage Discovery tool

Discord is on its way to end its Stage Discovery tool
Discord is on its way to end its Stage Discovery tool

Last Friday, Discord said it is going to sunset its Stage Discovery tool on 4th October. It has not yet been six months that the tool has been launched. The tool was rolled out in June to help users find its social audio rooms called Stage Channels.

The tool used machine learning to curate a list of channels a user might be interested in joining. So far, Stage Channels have been a hit. Discord said it has been keeping a close eye on Stage Discovery in order to evaluate whether it is meeting its goal of helping people find a community or not.

In a recent press release, Discord said “In listening to our communities and admins directly, we’ve learned that we still have work to do in regards to server on boarding and moderation. We’re going to take some time to rethink the Discovery aspect of Stages and how we can better build a place that best connects people to the communities most relevant to them.”

Discord clarified that it will continue to invest in Stage Channels and add several new features like the ability to schedule events, extra screening capability, and improvements to its moderation tools “to help moderators on Discord keep things orderly and foster healthy engagement within their communities.”

As of 1st October, more than a million Discord communities have run a Stage.

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