Disaster Girl: Viral photo meme sold as NFT for $500,000

Disaster Girl: Viral Meme sold as NFT for $500,000!
Disaster Girl: Viral Meme sold as NFT for $500,000!

The most popular Disaster Girl photo meme was auctioned in the form of an NFT for $500,000.

This is not a superhero, but a photograph of a four-year-old girl named Zoe, who smiles inexplicably at the camera lens. A house is on fire in the background, and firefighters are battling to control it.

Disaster Girl: Viral Meme sold as NFT for $500,000!
Disaster Girl: Viral Meme sold as NFT for $500,000!

This photo was taken by Dave Roth, the girl’s father, in 2005, in front of a simulated fire in North Carolina. He wanted to test his new camera. It wasn’t until three years later that the photo became one of the best-known memes in history and went massively viral.

Disaster Girl Photo Sold for $500,000 at Auction

For more than 10 years, this photo has changed the life of the little girl whose portrait reappears regularly on the Internet. Zoe Roth is now a 21-year college student in North Carolina. And this photo changed her life for the second time because she sold that photo at an auction. for 180 ethereums. That’s nearly around $500, 000.

It was not the photo that was sold, but rather his NFT (Non-fungible token), a unique digital token authenticated by a blockchain. If the buyer of the photo wants to sell it, she needs to prove his legitimacy thanks to this token. In the digital art and culture market, NFT is used to authenticate works (photo, drawing, song, video, animated GIF and even Twitter message) and owners.

However, this is far from an all-time high for digital art. American artist Beeple currently holds the record, having sold his work “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” for $69.3 million in March 2021.

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