Dining While Black: Viral Video Shows Dark Majority Being Kicked From ATL Restaurant For Sneakers | National

A sushi restaurant in Atlanta Has Been accused of racism after Hanging out a Black Guy and his Spouse for wearing Jeans.

On Wednesday (October 28), a movie posted on social media reveals lawyer Kaylan Colbert along with her husband asked to depart Umi Sushi at Buckhead for sporting all-white Nike Air Force Ones.

Confused, the guy pointed out the other individuals such as a white lady in the pub, were also sporting shoes. Kaylan Colbert, talked with Fox 5 Atlanta, also stated her and her husband had been celebrating her birthday were seated if they had been requested to leave.

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“As we were walking outside although my husband discovered that a girl in the pub had on tennis shoes and that is when all had gone outside the window in the stage, since there aren’t any guidelines here for a few individuals, just for the others,” Colbert said, adding she had been the only person who filmed the episode. “If you are going to have principles, they ought to apply to everybody instead of simply some individuals.” 

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Since the experience moved out, the dialogue escalated as the guy needed answers as to that he had been pumped out. They went back and forth since the restaurant proprietor Farshid Arshid entered the dialogue and further antagonized the bunch.

Colbert submitted on Instagram who Arshid called her husband a”zero” and whined that he did not understand the reason why they allow”these folks” at Buckhead.

Arshid  told USA TODAY he whined the way the episode was handled however, it had been an”functional, not racial” failing. 

“We totally love it,” Arshid explained. “I am ashamed of the… we should have handled the situation far better.”

Colbert explained her husband has worn gym sneakers to Umi previously without incident. 

Direction has allegedly achieved to the bunch, nevertheless Colbert is not assuring they’ll go back to the restaurant. “We have discovered this on the information over and over recently. No one wants to feel like that. No one wants to feel as though they can not visit certain areas,” she explained. 

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USA Today reports that Arshid said he has achieved to the bunch to apologize. 

Colbert stated in an Instagram article that she’s not accepted his apology.  

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