Die Hard is Again! Perhaps? Yippie Ki Yay?

Die Hard is Back! Maybe? Yippie Ki Yay?

What’s in the name of Hans Gruber’s phantom is happening here?! Bruce Willis’s daughter, Rumer, only posted a rather interesting movie for her instagram page hinting in the yield of John McClane in any manner, form or shape. Look right here! 

What on earth does all this imply? Your guess is as good as mine! In reality, please tell us that your thoughts in the comments below! Is it that a fresh DIE HARD picture has been taken through lockdown? Does not look too likely. Instead, this is likely some type of merchandise tie-in very similar to that which Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are performing recently but we will see.Already that this teaser is far better than A great DAY TO DIE HARD. Given the release is recorded as we need to know shortly so keep your eye on the area!

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