Diddy Endorses Joe Biden: Why White Men Just Like Trump Must Be Banished!!

Diddy Endorses Joe Biden: White Men Like Trump Need To Be Banished!!

With just two weeks to go before election day, Diddy has supported Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Diddy forced the acceptance whilst formally starting a Black political party. 

“White guys like Trump have to get banished,” he advised Charlamagne Tha God. “This way of thinking is real harmful. This man literally jeopardized the lives and our families around going to vote”

Diddy subsequently slammed Trump’s”return and stand by” remarks to right-wing category, The Proud Boys, through his first presidential argument against Biden. Trump refused to condemn white supremacists.

“We are at a war. We are not carrying this like it is a war. We are carrying it like it is a presidential election. We are at a war of love hate. The number one priority would be to get Trump from office. The tribe of people which have the obligation and actually should be frightened to death of the guy is white individuals,” he continued.

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