Did Lionel Richie Have Plastic Surgery? Everything You Need to Know!

did lionel richie have plastic surgery

Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. is a vocalist, songwriter, record producer, and television personality from the United States.

Before leaving the Commodores, he wrote and recorded the successful singles “Easy”, “Sail On”, “Three Times a Lady”, and “Still”. In 1980, he penned and produced the US Billboard Hot 100 number one single “Lady” for Kenny Rogers.

Did Lionel Richie Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

did lionel richie have plastic surgery

Several fans have observed that the singer of ‘Penny Lover’ does not have any wrinkles on his face, and they have taken to Twitter to convey their opinions on the possibility of plastic surgery.

One Twitter user stated, “I believe Lionel Richie is happy, but I don’t believe his face can express emotion physically due to his plastic surgery.”

Similarly, another user asserted that excessive plastic surgery has rendered Lionel Richie’s visage slightly unnatural.

In 2006, the Guardian reported that a plastic surgeon had been incarcerated for medical malpractice.

Richie was among his clientele, according to the publication.

However, the legendary singer has never admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, and unless the music icon affirms it himself, the rumor is essentially unsubstantiated.

According to popular belief, the following is a catalog of cosmetic procedures Lionel Richie has had.

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did lionel richie have plastic surgery

Richie’s face had a more regular contour when he was younger, but for some reason, he now has a significantly sleeker, line-free appearance.

Individuals do not age in inverted positions just as “black does not crack.” Why then does the “Endless Love” hitmaker appear to be younger?

It’s straightforward: Botox has been used.


Richie will undergo a makeover if he receives natural Botox for his visage.

His visage appears both tighter and stretched in this afterimage. On the upper portion of his face, particularly the cheekbones and temples, there is a pronounced “lift” effect.

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Hair Transplant

did lionel richie have plastic surgery

Lionel’s characteristic curly and thick hair has remained intact over the years. Nevertheless, based on these before-and-after images, he had some hair-thinning moments.

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