Diamond White: ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Love Scenes with Older Actors Are “Difficult”

Diamond White: 'The Bold and The Beautiful' Love Scenes with Older Actors Are "Difficult"

Diamond White is grateful for the opportunity to play one of the few Black actors on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, but he admits that filming love scenes with older actors may be challenging.

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the 24-year-old actress said, “The only time it becomes difficult is when I have to do love scenes.” The actress was there to celebrate the reveal of her real-life Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur character at Disneyland Resorts. When I have to be half-naked with a guy who’s twice my age is the one time I get a little like, “Oh, I’m terrified.”

That, she says, is the most terrifying aspect. Other than that, “it’s incredibly great being a member of the cast, and it’s an awesome show.”

The former contestant on The X Factor has been playing the role of Paris Buckingham since 2020. She has shared the screen with older men, notably Delon de Metz’s Zende Forrester Dominguez (her on-screen ex) and Lawrence Saint-Carter Victor’s Walton (her on-screen ex).

Diamond White: 'The Bold and The Beautiful' Love Scenes with Older Actors Are "Difficult"

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White says she likes to get the awkward takes over as early as possible. “This is especially true for romantic moments. I ignore it or try to forget about it. Similar to a trauma reaction. Just do it. Everything was done in one try.”

White will undoubtedly have a busy year ahead with a new Disney+ series, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion on who Paris should date next.

Diamond White: 'The Bold and The Beautiful' Love Scenes with Older Actors Are "Difficult"

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White says, “I think it would be awesome if she followed in Thomas’s [Matthew Atkinson] footsteps.” “Because they spend so much time together, it would be fun if she followed in Thomas’ footsteps. I’m going to have to go with Thomas or Finn [Tanner Nolan] because she never did get to experience her dream.”

White takes a hands-on approach to portray Paris, even applying her own makeup before arriving on set.

“I fix my hair for every episode,” she explains. “My hair is something I take great care of. When it comes to clothes, I don’t care as long as they are functional for me. That evening, I simply prepare to leave. I gather my necessities and head to the changing room.”

Diamond White: 'The Bold and The Beautiful' Love Scenes with Older Actors Are "Difficult"

“I set it all up, and I spend an hour simply listening to a podcast or watching a show and doing that,” she says.

During this Black History Month, White is especially appreciative to have played a character who so admirably exemplifies diversity while remaining loyal to herself.

The reason she loves having Paris involved is that “she is the representation of it all,” she says. “My sincere appreciation goes out to the hair stylists who gave me the opportunity to style my own hair. As an example, I once visited a salon and asked, “Hey, is it cool if I alter my hair?” Since that is so representative of black women generally and of myself specifically.”

She says, “We have new hairstyles basically all the time.” For this reason, I appreciate seeing it on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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