Devin Haney Girlfriend India: Check All Latest Updates in 2022

devin haney girlfriend india

After a video of Devin Haney’s ex-girlfriend India Love getting intimate got viral on the internet, she is making the juicy newspaper headlines. Haney ended his relationship with his fiancée in May of last year, and a month later, his love life is once again in the spotlight. In his boxing career, the young boxer has amassed a significant amount of popularity. He has a sizable following across the country. Ring Magazine, ESPN, and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board recognised the lightweight professional American boxer as the fourth-best active lightweight fighter in the world.

“The Dream” is Haney’s ring name, and he is well-known. When it comes to his physical stature, the Boxer stands at a height of five feet seven inches. Since 2019, the 23-year-old Boxer has become the undisputed lightweight champion. He is now regarded as one of Ryan Garcia’s most formidable opponents. The Dream has a professional record of 138-8. Two of his eight defeats were at the hands of World Champion Ryan Garcia. At the age of 17, he began his professional boxing career. His professional career is well-known among his fans. However, just a few people are aware of his private life.

India Love, Devin Haney’s Ex-Girlfriend, Is Who?

devin haney girlfriend india

A video of the American Boxer dancing with social media star India Love went viral on the internet. Devin and Love were seen dancing and getting intimate with one other in the video, fueling a dating rumour. Following the release of the videos, fans claimed that India has a crush on Devin.

While they were dancing close together, India was spotted putting her hands on Devin’s face. She appeared to be at ease with the star, and he was also placing his hands on her waist. They were spotted dancing and tapping their feet to the beat, grinning and singing the tune.

India and Haney appear to be having a wonderful time. Their romance was later confirmed when India posted a throwback video of the star. India and Haney have been friends since childhood and have dated for a long time. They resumed their romance last year before breaking up again.

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In the Past, Devin Haney and India Love Had a Falling Out.

Devin Haney and India Love were once married, as previously stated. Their relationship began before they were both famous, and they dated for a long time. They did, however, break up for some reason.

Because neither of them has made a single statement on the subject, little is known about it. Aside from that, Haney has been in a number of previous relationships. He was formerly linked to Blac Chyna.

He also had an on-again, off-again relationship with Aileen Giselle. Haney also had relationships with Liza Galore and Jania Meshell, according to reports.

In the Year 2022, Who Is Devin Haney Dating?


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The Dream is solely focused on his profession and has no romantic interests. He is most likely single and solely concerned with his career. Devin has been in a number of partnerships in recent years.

Haney was in a relationship with Jania Jackson just before moving on with India. The couple has also become engaged and is planning to marry. Jania even got his name tattooed on her body. Their romance, however, did not endure long, and they ended it in May of last year.

His first high-profile romance was with Kris Summers. Their connection, however, was rumoured because none of them ever confirmed it. He dared Lira Galore as well. Lira and Devin have a hidden relationship. When they flew together for a holiday, their relationship drew notice, and they also spent the pandemic together.

Devin was also rumoured to have dated rapper Blac Chyna. When Blac said, “Hi Baby,” on one of his social media posts, their romance was born. The admirers are drawn to their age difference. Before calling it quits, they dated for a bit.

In the Past, Devin Haney and India Love Had a Falling Out.

Devin Haney and India Love, as previously said, have moved as swiftly as if they were dating. Their romance began before either of them became well-known, and they dated for a very long time. They broke up, though, owing to some goal.

There isn’t much known about this topic because none of them has made a single comment. Aside from that, Haney has been in a lot of relationships in the past. He was linked to Blac Chyna almost immediately.

Not only that, but he also had an on-again, off-again relationship with Aileen Giselle. Haney also had relationships with Liza Galore and Jania Meshell, according to reports.

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Who Is Devin Haney’s Mother and Father?

devin haney girlfriend india

Devin Haney was the name given to Bill Haney and April Clay’s newborn son. He was born in the city of San Francisco, in the state of California, in the year 1998. He has a brother who is older than him, as well as two younger sisters.

Devin acquired everything he knows about boxing from his famed boxer father, who also taught him how to fight. Bill is 43 years old at this point in time. He was born in the city of Portland, Oregon, in the United States, on May 14, 1979, and spent his childhood there.

Devin’s parents divorced almost shortly after he was born. Even though they had some difficulties in their relationship, they both gave their children a lot of love and care.

They’ve never been very proud of their son’s achievements. He adores and respects his parents for moulding him into the guy he is today.

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