‘Devastated’ Krushna Abhishek – Kashmera wish to take legal action against man who tried raping Arti Singh

Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh reveals her harrowing experience of being molested at the age of 13

This season of Bigg Boss 13 has been about many revelations. While Salman Khan has spilled out many secrets on the show, contestants too revealed their harrowing experiences on the show. However, the one that shocked everyone the most was Arti’s revelation that she was molested by her domestic help when she was just 13.

Legal action against the culprit

Now, talking to TOI, Arti’s Bhabhi has said that they used to take care of Arti during her panic attacks but never knew that the source to these attacks was the molestation attempt. “Krushna and I are very blind-sided by this thing. We heard it for the first time on TV. Arti is in a house were nobody is her own and you feel very vulnerable. I am happy she shared and now we know how to handle it. We will wait for her to come out. She used to get panic attacks but we didn’t know this was the source. She never told us. Had we known, we would have taken some kind of action. Do you think I am that kind of a woman who would keep quiet? I am more upset than her that she didn’t tell her. But I understand her part as well. There are some things you can’t share and I don’t blame her,” Kashmera said.

Breaking NEWS  Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh reveals her harrowing experience of being molested at the age of 13

She also added that they are devastated by the news and would surely take an action once Arti is out of the house and would get to the bottom of it. “Once Arti is out, I will speak to her in private and want to know the details. We will take necessary action against the person. Let me get the story right. We are devastated and want to know it in entirety,” she said.

Arti’s game

Talking about Arti’s game inside the house and how she feels she is playing it independently, Kashmera Shah said, I don’t think anyone is independent in the show. Independent and being solitary are two different things. She is calling herself independent but not playing it independently. But that is her way of playing the game.