Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

Based on the light novel of the same name, Detective is Already Dead is an ongoing anime with 1st episode already underway. It revolves around the protagonist Kimihiko Kimizuka, a high school student who always finds himself in sketchy situations. In Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub, we will likely find more about his story.

By fate of events, the protagonist meets Siesta, a mysterious detective who asks him to become her assistant. Together they solve several cases but things don’t go as planned. Siesta dies and once again Kimizuka becomes all alone. Let’s take a look at Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 release date and spoilers.

Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub Release Date, Spoilers, and Preview

Detective is Already Dead Episode 1 Recap

In Detective is Already Dead Episode 1 recap, Kimizuka is on the flight and hears a flight attendant asking whether there’s any detective on the plane. To his surprise, Siesta, a person sitting beside him is a detective. The plane is hijacked and now they have to deal with the hijacker.

Bursting the Hijack

Siesta asks Kimizuka to become her assistant for the time being. They go into the cockpit to confront the hijacker. After some exchange of words, the hijacker tells them he will abandon the Hijack. Since he hasn’t killed anyone, he won’t spend much time in prison. Siesta on the other hand has different plans.

After some provocations, the hijacker reveals his true colors. He has a modified ear that is capable of extending deadly tentacles. He starts attacking the plane with it to kill Siesta. Siesta tries to fight him off but gets injured. Kimizuka thinks of a plan and asks her to just provide him 30 seconds. We will see more of such adventures in Detective is Already Dead episode 2 eng sub release.

Living Together

Kimizuka rushes back to the luggage and brings out a bag that contains a gun. He hands it over to Siesta and shoots the hijacker with it. With the hijacker down, they save and solve the case. Siesta reveals that she already knew the plan was going to get hijacked and came prepared.

Living Together

Later on, she follows Kimizuka to his home. Kimizuka is surprised how can she trust a random person so easily. He asks her to leave but she doesn’t comply. When she doesn’t even budge, he gives up. Later they discuss Hanako of the toilet, a ghost who is haunting the school. They decide to bust it. On Detective is Already Dead episode 2 eng sub release, we will see more of it.

Hanako of the Toilet

The next day, the pair visit school for the cultural festival. Siesta is dressed in a uniform which Kimizuka finds cute. They go to the toilet to carry out an investigation. Over there, they find a packet of drugs and Siesta deduces something. A person wearing a bunny costume barges into them and runs away.

Siesta deduces that this person is Hanako. They change into costumes to capture the perpetrator. Later on, we find out that there was no ghost. It was a network of students who were dealing drugs in the toilet. To make their operation, covet, they were using this ghost story as a cover.

Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub spoilers

In Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub spoilers, we find that Siesta has died. Since the anime is following the light novel, it will adapt to the upcoming volume. The name of the next episode is “I Still Remember After All This Time”. After her death, Kimizuka though he won’t have any detective adventures. However, he meets a person who has different plans for him.

Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Eng sub Release Date

Here is Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Release Date and time.

  • Japan – 10:00 PM, July 11th
  • USA/Canda – 8:00 AM, July 11th
  • India – 6:30 PM, July 11th
  • UK – 2:00 PM, July 11th
  • Europe (CEST) – 3:00 PM, July 11th

The anime is available to stream for free on YouTube.

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Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Preview

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