‘Destiel’ Trends After ‘Supernatural’ Character Reveals He’s Gay, Then Dies

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Supernatural, so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened.

Supernatural‘s final season is currently airing and in episode 1518, which was titled “Despair,” something happened that has fans very upset.

Misha Collins‘ character Castiel was killed off the show after confessing his love for Dean, who is played by Jensen Ackles.

To quickly summarize the plot for those who don’t watch, Castiel made a deal with The Entity to allow him to live his life until the moment he’s truly happy. While being faced with the possibility of being killed alongside Dean, Castiel takes his own life by revealing his true feelings for Dean and ultimately reaching that moment of happiness.

Cas told Dean, “I never found an answer because the one thing I want is something I know I can’t have. But I think I know now happiness isn’t in the having. It’s in just being. Knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean.”

Dean asked Cas why it sounded like a goodbye and he replied, “It is. I love you. Goodbye, Dean.”

Fans are upset with this new development because Castiel’s feelings for Dean were never revealed until this moment, but now this storyline won’t be explored.

The series finale of Supernatural will air on November 19.

Read what fans are tweeting below.

i stopped watching supernatural like 30 years ago but from what i can see from stan twitter – castiel just confessed his love for dean then immediately died? 😅 #Supernatural

— Rowan Ellis is offline rn (@HeyRowanEllis) November 6, 2020

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historians 100 years from now are going to look at tonight, 11/5/2020, & analyze the connection btwn destiel becoming canon, putin stepping down, that one racist twitter artist rping ted bundy, new system of a down dropping, & the Bolivian president being attacked with dynamite

— sol @ taco bell depression meal w/ the baja blast (@greatgalaktyka) November 6, 2020

y’all realise how big this is? spn finally making destiel canon on their final season? breaking twitter and tumblr? the longest slow burn to ever slow burn??? the old fans returning??? the old accounts reviving??? in the middle of a pandemic?? in the middle of THE US ELECTION????

— nethmi (spn spoilers!!) 📌 (@lwtsvelvet) November 6, 2020

the way castiel said “the one thing i wanted is the one thing i couldn’t have” then said “i love you” and dean was too in shock to say it back so castiel died without ever knowing he could have dean that dean loved him i am NOT OKAY #Supernatural #CastielForever

— hal | spn spoilers (@wlwmish) November 6, 2020

destiel reveal is so funny I cant get over “dean can’t reciprocate” the writers r literally so homophobic its hilarious. yes I love bury your gays its my favorite trope <3333 pic.twitter.com/6Iy7tBKr8y

— m🌷 @aai2 time babey (@edgeworthlez) November 6, 2020

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