Deputy will not be billed in Missouri girl’s shooting death

LIBERTY, Mo. – A sheriff’s deputy who shot and killed a Missouri girl following a traffic stop that this summer won’t be billed in her death despite the fact that it was potentially vain, a particular prosecutor declared Monday.

The Pettis County sheriff’s deputy shot Hannah Fizer, 25, after quitting for traffic offenses at Sedalia on June 13.

“There are characteristics of this situation which lead me to think that an alternate strategy may have prevented the confrontation that resulted in the officer needing to release his own weapon,” however that isn’t applicable under Missouri law to if criminal charges should be filed, specific prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff composed.

The deputy, that hasn’t yet been recognized, told researchers Fizer stated that she had a gun and was about to take him. She touched down to the floorboard of her vehicle and then lifted upward toward the deputy, prompting him to take, Sokoloff stated in a report on Pettis County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Mittelhauser.

Missouri law demands officers have a reasonable belief they’re in danger before shooting their weapon and dependent on the situation”it can’t be stated that the officer didn’t possess a reasonable belief he was at risk of serious bodily harm or departure from the activities of their deceased in the time he stopped,” the prosecutor said.

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No gun has been discovered in Fizer’s automobile, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

Fizer’s loved ones members and friends have contested investigators’ version of events, stating Fizer was on her way into operate, did not have a gun and wouldn’t have taken anyone.

Fizer’s dad, John Fizer, said Monday that he was”dumbfounded” following hearing Sokoloff’s findings. He stated his daughter could have done”nothing” to draw on the officer of the fire.

“She probably failed to conduct a red light, he pulled her for a fantastic reason,” Fizer said. “His great motive stopped on the market. Seconds after she is dead. I am just numb. I really don’t know it. “

Regardless of dash-cam or even body-camera movie of the shooting has been accessible because Pettis County doesn’t supply them to deputies, which Sokoloff stated produced his findings”marginally harder.”

Video by a nearby restaurant hadn’t any sound and wasn’t apparent, but it revealed Fizer moving round the automobile”aggressively” and bending . Throughout the officer radio dispatch, Fizer could be heard yelling in the officer and he also repeated her threat to take himthe prosecutor wrote.

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The Pettis County Commission in August declared spending roughly $43,000 for human anatomy cameras to its sheriff’s department.

The shooting came through nationwide protests over police use of power, following George Floyd, a Black man, has been murdered while in police custody at Minneapolis.

The two Fizer and the deputy are whitened. Fizer’s family members and friends held a few protests at Sedalia criticizing the shooting and demanding responses.


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Sokoloff indicated in his account that additional instruction in deescalation methods and sometime more expertise may be crucial for officers.

“The current spate of these kinds of avoidable deaths could definitely suggest a reexamination of instruction techniques could be in order,” he also wrote.

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