Denying Biden success, Pompeo leads to Europe, Mideast

WASHINGTON – Following refusing to admit President Donald Trump’s reduction in a week’s election, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is departing Friday on a visit to Europe and the Middle East, to states where leaders have congratulated former vice-president Joe Biden because of his success.

The seven-nation excursion is geared toward shoring up the incoming Trump government’s priorities, especially its own anti-China and also – Iran policies, also will consist of visits to Israeli settlements from the West Bank which were prevented by preceding secretaries of state.

However, the typical foreign policy problems are most likely to be overshadowed by the remarkable moment in global politicsthe majority of the planet has approved the outcomes of America’s election, even although the United States’ top diplomat — and its own president and a lot of their Republican Party — haven’t.

Pompeo’s trip comes weeks when he raised eyebrows by ignoring a reporter’s question concerning the presidential transition from stating”that there is going to be a smooth transition into another Trump government. ” He seemed to be talking in jest and proceeded to state, in a serious tone, so the world ought to be ensured the State Department is going to be operational and powerful with all the president who takes office Jan. 20. However, those remarks and following statements with conservative websites failed to acknowledge that it is Biden who’ll become president afterward.

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Pompeo’s weeklong tour requires him to France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The leaders of every one of these countries have provided public heed to Biden.

Four of the nations — France, Turkey, Georgia and Qatar –‘ve experienced a fractious relationship with the Trump government and it wasn’t apparent if Pompeo would maintain public connections of any of the leaders. Pompeo has experienced a famously frosty relationship with the media, and it was uncertain whether he intended to take questions from colleagues.

In accordance Trump’s refusal to concede and requests for Cabinet bureaus to not co-operate together with all the Biden transition group, ” the State Department hasn’t been involved in easing Biden’s calls for foreign leaders, according to officers knowledgeable about this procedure.

Pompeo’s fervent support for Trump, who’s maintained without proof that the election has been blindsided with fraud, and threatens to damage America’s status in creating pronouncements about other nations’ democratic flaws.

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On Thursday, Pompeo weighed on Hong Kong’s legislature, and he’s recently denounced alleged electoral issues in Belarus, both Tanzania and Ivory Coast.

However, in his news conference Tuesday, Pompeo roundly ignored a question concerning if Trump’s unfounded protests have generated difficulties for U.S. credibility. “You asked a question That’s ridiculous,” he replied.” This section cares deeply to ensure elections round the globe are secure and safe and fair and free, and my officials risk their own lives to make certain that occurs.”

Biden has spoken with the leaders of Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea and fielded congratulatory notes on social networking and everywhere from other people.

Nevertheless, Pompeo stated he’d continue as though there wasn’t any shift.

“I am the secretary of state,” he explained.” I am receiving calls from all around the world. These individuals are seeing our election. They know that we’ve got a legal procedure. They know this takes some time.”


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