Dentsu strikes 100% renewable energy goal

Dentsu hits 100% renewable energy target

The Dentsu Aegis Network has struck its goal 100% renewable energy globally, where niches let it.

Global marketing and promotion firm, Dentsu Aegis Network, now announces it has attained 100% renewable energy across its global operations where niches let [1].

Implementing 45,000 individuals across 145 markets, Dentsu Aegis Network attained its landmark purpose of getting 100% driven by renewable energy (where niches let ) before schedule.

Wendy Clark, Global CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network remarked:

“I’m extremely proud that we’re currently powered by 100% renewable energy, and that we’re major change in our sector on among the most crucial challenges confronting society today. Our business has so much capability to supply positive change and in Dentsu Aegis Network we are devoted to achieving meaningful advancement to our customers and society.

“This accomplishment shows it is possible to adopt much better and more sustainable methods of functioning at scale and pace. I’d love to thank our enthusiastic teams throughout the world who’ve worked so tough to accomplish this ambitious objective.”

Dentsu Aegis Network’s transition to renewable energy was encouraged by RE100, a worldwide initiative which brings together most powerful businesses which are dedicated to 100% renewable energy and is directed by the Climate Group in partnership using CDP.

For an RE100 manhood, Dentsu Aegis Network attained the ambitious target that it set itself 2015 to secure 100% renewable energy by the conclusion of 2020 in most markets according to RE100 rigorous technical standards [1]. Challenges stay in renewable energy in some specific markets which are not able to supply the required renewable infrastructure which companies need in order to attain complete RE100 status. Dentsu Aegis Network will be joining forces with RE100 that October from the coalition’s international effort to promote completely certifiable renewable energy sources in most markets.

Anna Lungley, Chief Sustainability Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network stated:

“As international leaders in press, creative and digital communications solutions, we’ve got the capability to inform and affect the choices individuals make daily. We’re devoted to using that influence to attack the climate catastrophe, to increase consciousness of the matter, assist decarbonise the international market and tackle sustainable consumption and generation. Change begins at home and we will need to walk the walk . In 2015 we put ourselves the toughest aims among international advertising holding businesses, which necessitated us to quickly transition to renewable energy throughout the conclusion of our company in just five decades and we’ve reached that target ahead of schedule. The job doesn’t stop . We’re currently laser-focused on attaining our 2030 science established goals.”

Mike Peirce, Director of Corporate Partnerships, the Climate Group stated:

“We’re thrilled by Dentsu Aegis Network’s tough advancement in their RE100 aim and happy that the provider is operating with RE100 to promote completely certifiable renewable energy sources in most markets.

“Dentsu Aegis are all leading the way in the marketing business, demonstrating that devotion 100% renewable, renewable energy is the newest benchmark for companies.”

Dentsu Aegis Network is dedicated to procuring renewable energy, even in a few of the most difficult markets for corporate sustainable buy. Where it can’t secure renewable contracts right, it’s worked with Organic Capital Partners to buy renewable power certificates or Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). EACs supply the systems necessary to track consumption and generation of renewable power and show demand for greater distribution. Dentsu Aegis Network has procured EACs in brand new and emerging renewable energy markets like the UAE, Morocco and Israel.

During Dentsu Aegis Network’s quick drive to change to completely renewable energy it is now evident that some electricity markets are at the curve in offering the crucial renewable infrastructure which companies want and have to attain complete RE100 standing.

The statement is the most up-to-date in a succession of attempts to decrease its environmental effects. Last year Dentsu Aegis Network combined forces with Bristol University, Sky and the BBC to start DIMPACT — a radical alliance to map the carbon effects of electronic value chains.

For More Information about Dentsu Aegis Network and its Social Impact plan please see https://www.dentsuaegisnetwork.com/who-we-are/social-impact

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