Demonic Ending Explained – Did Carly Kill Demon?

Directed by Neill Blomkamp and distributed by VVS Films, Demonic is a horror movie shot during the pandemic. It stars Carly Pope in the lead role while Chris William Martin, Michael Rogers, and Terry Chen provide support roles. The movie explores the themes of dreams and connects them to demonic presence.

The movie upon its release didn’t receive much positive reception. It tries to mix the elements of Inception along with some horror strings but it got horribly wrong (no pun intended). In any case, for a casual horror flick, the movie could be a good one-time watch.

The ending of the movie wasn’t anything mind-boggling. The protagonist, Carly found the resolution to her mother and things ended on a positive note for her. Let’s talk about the Demonic ending explained and discuss it.

Demonic Ending Explained - Did Carly Kill Demon?
Demonic Ending Explained – Did Carly Kill Demon?

Demonic Plot

So the plot of the movie introduces us to Carly, who visits her childhood home only to get reception from her mom who sets the house on fire. Thankfully, for her, this was just a nightmare. Later on, she meets Martin who informs her about her mother being kept at a medical facility.

We learn about Therapol, an organization that possesses some high-tech capable of simulating people’s minds. They ask Carly to enter her mother’s brain where she learns the presence of a demon inside of her.

How did the demon get inside? Well apparently, the house of her mother was built on haunted grounds. Also according to Marin, Therapol is one of the groups assigned by the church to exorcise these demons. So what does happen to her mother?

Thing With Sam

The next day, Carly experiences another nightmare of a similar manner. This time, Sam comes into her dream who presents herself in the demon attire. She starts chasing Carly but Carly manages to lock herself in the room. Later on, she wakes up and realizes it was just a dream.

Demonic Ending Explained – Did Carly Kill Demon?

Things develop and Carly decides to get rid of the demon residing inside her mother’s body. As she enters the house along with Martin, she finds the bodies of Therapol lying around. Carly gets hold of the dagger to stab and finish off the demon.

Demonic Ending Explained - Did Carly Kill Demon?
Demonic Ending Explained – Did Carly Kill Demon?

Upon entering the simulation, she spots her mom. The mom reveals that her only wish was to meet Carly for the last time. Now that it’s fulfilled, it’s time to go. Her mother dies as Carly gets out of the simulation. But things are far from over, where did Martin go?

Upon some search, she finds him chained to the wall, besides him, she spots a demon. The demon finishes off Martin and then chases down Carly. Even though she stabs him, he doesn’t die and instead gets inside the body of Carly.

In the last moments, Carly stabs herself, this time properly destroying the demon. The wound isn’t grave and she survives to see another day.

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