Demi Lovato’s’Vote’ Message Muzzled From NBC Throughout Billboard Awards

Demi Lovato's 'Vote' Message Muzzled By NBC During Billboard Awards
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Demi Lovato Completed with Her new song with a message to Audiences to”VOTE”… However Once it aired on NBC… the System muzzled her Concept.

Lovato took the stage Wednesday for a moving rendition of her song”Commander in Chief,” a tune which takes direct aim President Trump. We have got footage of Demi’s functionality — how she needed it to broadcast and it was initially listed — and in the very end the term”VOTE” is quite definitely displayed throughout the video board to the point.

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That closing message has been gone when the series aired on TV. In its position — a close-up of Demi in the piano.

sources state the system pulled the plug in the”VOTE” message since the song was a hit Trump along with also the”VOTE” message was a call to vote .

The tune’s lyrics make no matter regarding Lovato’s feelings concerning the Prez…”Commander in Chief, frankly. When I did that the things you do, then I could not sleep, badly. Do you know the reality? We are at a state of emergency, people are dyin.’ Despite the fact that you line your pockets heavy. Commander in Chief, how can it feel to be able to breathe?”

She awakened in her concept before Wednesday, stating,”I don’t care if that ruins my career”

We have achieved to NBC for remark… to date, no word backwards.

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