Demi Lovato Performs in Billboard Music Awards Following Max Ehrich Split

Demi Lovato Performs at Billboard Music Awards After Max Ehrich Split

Just single Demi Lovato understands the way to create a comeback. 

The singer took the stage in the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, Oct. 14, to provide the world premiere performance of her song”Commander in Chief.”

Before she played with on the piano and also belted out the lyrics, Lovato obtained compliments from sponsor Kelly Clarkson who described the singer as”an artist who’s a powerhouse vocalist” whose tunes have been”stuffed with confidence and empowerment.” 

The introduction came only weeks after her split with all ex-fiancé Max Ehrich.  After the separation, Lovato published her brand-new separation song,”Still Have Me,” on Sept. 30 along with a political amount,”Commander in Chief,” on Oct. 14. 

“We’re taught when we’re young / Should we fight for what is right, there will not be justice for only a few,” she filmed in the Billboard Music Awards. “Loud and proud, finest feel / We will still have a knee as you’re Commander in Chief.”

Lovato, 28, filmed in the Dolby Theater at Los Angeles before declaring that the music video to the song will be released shortly after the series. 

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