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Dell’s ambition is to retain top position in India by introducing blockchain & new servers

Dell, a technology giant, stated that soon they would position themselves in India’s server market with the emerging technology like blockchain. They have already outlined the set of investment and implementation strategies for their growth.

The comments surfaced in light of Dell’s ambition to retain its top position in India’s server market. Manish Gupta, senior director, and general manager of Dell EMC India said that due to the client’s enormous demand, they are taking initiatives in setting up the modern server solutions in India. Further, he added that Dell is diversifying itself more into new products that will have the potential in the blockchain, as well as artificial intelligence, cloud, and analytics.

Dell EMC’s clientele is a composite of various other firms involving local IT firms, banks, financial organizations, and insurance companies. Not only private players are limited to this opportunity, but even government bodies are showing keen interest and are participating in the blockchain applications.

The Blockchain’s public ledger has the best attribute of keeping the record of decentralized money transactions. Moreover, it pushes its boundaries to innovate almost everything. Startups, corporate giants and governments will get benefited by integrating their day to day working models.

In the second quarter of 2018, Dell made a global business of $5.1 billion in networking and server business model. And the company also understands that incorporation of blockchain will steer to the new height of success. The company has revealed about the newly launched server known as PowerEdge MX that would handle both traditional and emerging data center workloads, including blockchain.

The Indian government had already obstructed the cryptocurrency in the country. They have adored the implementation of blockchain technology for issuing the birth certificate, registering land records, tackling drugs menace and whatnot.

However, Blockchain technology is a compilation of lines, which cannot be messed or hacked up due to its simplicity, security, and swiftness, that is incompetent from other record keeping solutions.

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