Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip – Everything You Need To Know

Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip – Everything You Need To Know
Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip – Everything You Need To Know

With Deku’s interaction with past users of One For All, new things have come to light. The latest anime episode of My Hero Academia revealed some surprising things that have brought a new dimension to the story. We found out that all One for All carries the essence of each quirk that was once held by its past users.

This opens a lot of new possibilities for Deku as he will be able to possess even more power with this latest revelation. Having multiple quirks at his disposal will greatly boost his overall strength. One of the quirks that now Deku uses is Black Whip which was used by a previous user of OFA. Today we are going to take a deep look into this quirk and see how vital it is to Izuku.

Background on Black Whip

Daigoro Banjo, the 5th user of One for All possessed the quirk Black Whip. This quirk got passed down to Deku indirectly from him. The first instance of Deku unleashing Black Whip occurs in Joint Training Arc. When he gets enraged by Neito’s remark, his anger brings out tendrils of dark energy. At that time Deku is unable to control Black Whip’s powers and gets subdued by Hitoshi.

Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip – Everything You Need To Know
Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip

What Does Black Whip Do?

Black Whip is an extremely powerful quirk as said by its owner Banjo. It allows users to produce tendrils of black energy and control them. The quirk’s power heavily relies on the anger depicted by the user at the time of its usage. The angrier user is, the more power quirk unleashes.

Primarily speaking, Black Whip can be effectively used in two ways; binding and transporting. Its user Banjo used the quirk mostly for maneuvering and capturing his opponents.


The ability provides users to produce tendrils that can capture the opponent. The power of these tendrils is so huge that it can bind the strongest of the people. If the anger possessed by the user exceeds extreme limits, it will become impossible for an opponent to come out of the quirk’s bind.


Black Whip helps in quick transportation for the user. With the extended tendrils, the user can change between places in a matter of seconds. This ability becomes pretty handy when dealing with faster opponents.

Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip – Everything You Need To Know
Deku’s New Quirk Black Whip

Other Uses

Deku has shown that this quirk is useful in various circumstances. For instance, he used the Black Whip to carry large vehicles in Paranormal Liberation Arc. By using it in such a way he was able to save the lives of many people. Similarly, he can directly grapple buildings and structures and manipulate them at his will.

Setbacks of Black Whip

While Black Whip adds an extensive strength to the arsenal of its user, it definitely has some of the shortcomings. Since the quirk relies on anger, if the emotion becomes any lesser, the quirk’s effect turns out to be less effective. Furthermore, upon its usage, it causes grave pain to the user if not handled carefully.

What Does it Mean for Deku?

Black Whip has opened a gate for potential quirks which are stored in One for All’s spectrum. If Deku is able to drive the power out of all the inherited quirks like Black Whip, he will have no problem dealing with villains.

Right now Midoriya can manifest Danger Sense, Smokescreen, and Float apart from OFA and Black Whip. With the way things are going, it won’t be long before Deku becomes capable of using every quirk of the past users of One for All.

What kind of Potential does Black Whip have? Can Deku use its powers to the fullest extent? Make sure to share your thoughts on what you think about this newfound power of Izuku Midoriya. Also, don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles. We post updates related to all anime and manga news every day.