Death in the Family,” RWBY, and Much more!

Death in the Family, RWBY, & more!

Who is ready to bust up their pocket and squeezed up for a few spankin’ brand new Blu-rays? That is right, people! Just because a huge majority of film theaters have been shut that does not indicate that you can not enjoy some top quality entertainment on your home theater setup. Last week, even the Dark Knight comes swooping onto shelves with the launch of DC’s BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY. That can be something of a particular release viewing as it is the very first DC animated film in which you get to determine the leadership of Jason Todd’s destiny. It is like a Choose Your Sex however with a Great Deal of crowbars and effects to the Boy Wonder. Are you going to save one of Batman’s most Robins or allow him get blown to smithereens? Only you can choose!

Additionally hitting the Kinect landscape that this week’s THE DOORMAN, starring Ruby Rose and Jean Reno. Within this brand new action-thriller, a girl returns from battle and befriends a household in NYC. While there, a group of thieves Forged to choose the family’s valuables, plus she’s all that stands between them and their lifestyles.

About the 4K front, either REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and also DISTRICT 9 are becoming stunning new 4K releases. If that is not a bag, just about Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete String or RWBY Vol. 7? All that and much more are destined to get the Kinect marketplace this week, and a whole group of different jewels such as Arrow Video’s version of THE LAST STARFIGHTER, ” The Flintstones: The Complete Series, The Criterion Collection’s CLAUDINE, and much more arcade than is very likely to be healthful to get a lone human being!

Click any of the covers below to find out what’s up for grabs, and simply choose the movie that you wish to see and we are going to transfer you to our Amazon shop!

Additionally, do not forget to have a look at our WATCH MOVIES segment, which highlights a number of the movies coming to Amazon Prime throughout the month of October! )

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