David Fincher considers Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker betrayed the mentally ill

David Fincher believes Joaquin Phoenix's Joker betrayed the mentally ill

It has been over a year and Joaquin Phoenix’s JOKER is still making headlines. The only billion dollar grossing Oscar winner came as a short subject of debate at a recent meeting at which David Fincher (MINDHUNTER) had been talking his upcoming MANK series. The boss had any intriguing words:

“nobody would have believed that they had a shot in a giant hit ‘Joker”d’The Dark Knight’ been as enormous as it had been,” Fincher said.  “I really don’t think anybody could have appeared at that stuff and thought, Yeah, let us consider [‘Taxi Driver’s’] Travis Bickle and [‘The King of Comedy’s’] Rupert Pupkin” — 2 characters played by Robert De Niro, that appears in”Joker” –“and also conflate themthen snare him into a betrayal of their mentally sick, and trot out it to get a billion bucks.”

I am not just certain just how JOKER betrayed the emotionally ill. It certainly appeared to be a reasonable depiction of this. Fincher went on to talk one of his best movies, FIGHT CLUB, that had its own comment on the emotionally ill also:

“The overall view afterwards one of the studio kinds had been,’Our professions are ‘ The reality we have that movie left in 1999 remains, in my thoughts, a wonder.”

What would you guys think? Is Fincher appropriate? I would really like to hear your ideas under the comments!

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