Dave Portnoy Girlfriend: Everything About Silvana Mojica

dave portnoy girlfriend

Dave Portnoy’s current girlfriend is Silvana Mojica, the creator of Barstool Sports. The social media sensation recently said that he had been spending a lot of quality time with his Colombian partner. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Silvana’s life and her growing romance with Dave Portnoy.

Everything You Need to Know About Silvana Mojica Is Right Here.

dave portnoy girlfriend

Silvana Mojica, Dave’s girlfriend, is a professional model. According to her LinkedIn page, she is currently in her twenties. She works as a social media marketing assistant for a Miami-based garment and fashion firm. Mojica has worked in Atlanta and Orlando before moving to Miami. She attended Valencia College before graduating with a BA in Marketing from Florida State University.

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Age Difference Between Dave Portnoy and His Girlfriend

David Portnoy and his partner, Silvana Mojica, are roughly 20 years apart in age. The couple exemplifies how age is no limit to love. David is the creator of Barstool Sports, a sports and pop culture enterprise. Silvana’s birth date is still unknown, and her exact age is difficult to determine.

Claire Jacobs, Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend

dave portnoy girlfriend

Dave Portnoy, a Swampscott, Massachusetts native, is most known for founding Barstool Sports, a blog network that produces content for the general public’s sports activity fan base. Shannon St. Clair, a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, has her own professional sports connection. Donata Lynch is the proprietor of Shooting Star Archery Academy in Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

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Silvana Mojica, Who Are You?

When we mentioned the latest episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co., he took the cat out of the bag in terms of their personal lives, making some admissions regarding their current partner. “I spend a lot of time with Sylvana, which you ask me about every week,” he explained. She also mentioned that she fades and does not want to relax when. He also posted a video of himself and his girlfriend. In addition, Mojica was discovered by Portnoy in March of the last season.

Initially, there were reports that the two were dating each other when they were discovered and spotted together in a few locales. One of many critical pieces of information corroborated the news. The few also have an outside refuge in the Magic City nightlife hotspot Komodo in the Brickell region. He also shared a couple of the breathtaking moments that he uploaded on social media.

All of their fans are waiting for a statement that will formally confirm Portnov and Mojika’s relationship. Anyone interested in learning more about Silvana Mojica can do so by following her on Instagram. She is being followed by 217 other records. Keep an eye on your personal telecast for additional information and adjustments.

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The career of David Portnoy’s Girlfriend

dave portnoy girlfriend

Silvan is a gorgeous and talented young lady, as seen by her internet presence. She began her job as a Junior Account Manager at UnCommon Fashion following her graduation. This position lasted about five months before she moved on to another company called Scream as an account executive in November 2018

When Did Dave and Silvana Start Dating?

Portnoy and Mojica first became romantically involved in March of last year. The two were speculated to be dating in early March when Page Six released photos of them together in Miami.

Dave and Silvana had a night out at the Brickell neighborhood’s hotspot Komodo. She eventually posted photos of the couple from their night out on social media. At that moment, observant followers assumed the two of them were in a romantic connection.

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Biography and Early Life

dave portnoy girlfriend

She has been known as Silvana, but her full real name is Silvana Mojica. She has been very quiet and private about her private life, and as a result, her personal information is unknown. She currently resides in Miami. Silvana Mojica is of mixed heritage and has refrained from disclosing anything about her family. Only her sister’s name, Valeria Mojica, is known.

She was born in Colombia, South America, on April 8, 1995. She attended West Orange High School before transferring to Valencia College for high school in 2014. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Florida State University in 2016.

Silvana Mojica, Do You Have an Instagram Account?

The answer to the preceding question is emphatical yes. Silvana, like the majority of models in the entertainment sector, has an Instagram account. At the time of writing, she had 142 postings on her Instagram page.

On the social networking platform Instagram, Mojica has 219k followers. “May your actual life be as good as it is on Instagram,” her bio says. She is also the brand ambassador for the clothing brand Fashion Nova, according to her Instagram bio.

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