Darcey Silva Says She’s “Done” With Georgi After He Tries to Rekindle Their Relationship!

Darcey Silva Says She's "Done" With Georgi After He Tries to Rekindle Their Relationship!

To put her past relationship with Georgi Rusev behind her, Darcey Silva is prepared to move on.

Episode 7 of Darcey & Stacey aired on Monday, and it focused on Darcey’s reaction to a text from her sister Stacey Silva’s fiance Florian Sukaj, in which he informed her of Stacey’s ex-boyfriend Georgi’s surprise arrival to Miami and recommended they all get together.

While the twins were in the studio working on a song to promote their upcoming collaboration with Impossible Kicks, Darcey confronted her sister about keeping Georgi’s visit a secret, which led to an altercation.

Stacey said, “I didn’t know that Florian was going to have Georgi come to Miami and hash things out with Darcey and everyone until after he already texted Darcey.” Stacey had previously denied knowing about the visit before her sister.

“I had no idea, and by the time I found out, it was too late,” she said. And yet, who knows? Perhaps it’s for the best that Darcey and Georgi were able to put their differences behind them.

Darcey Silva Says She's "Done" With Georgi After He Tries to Rekindle Their Relationship!

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“Just because I was able to put my anger aside to record this song doesn’t mean I’m pleased, I’m still upset about Georgi being here in Miami and can’t just shake that emotion,” Dacey continued. “I have an appointment with Cicero tomorrow, and I don’t want to let the fact that Georgi is in Miami throw me off my game. I don’t want anything to ruin my chance to finally get over a bad relationship and start fresh with someone healthy.”

On a jet ski trip with Florian, Georgi spilled his feelings for Darcey, saying, “I love her so much and you know, I really love her, and I want to get back together with her.”

“It saddened me to hear that she’s dating someone else. I’m sad. And I’m envious of you, “To which Georgi gave in. “And from what I’ve heard, she’s currently seeing a very wealthy man. While money certainly plays a role in romantic relationships, it is by no means the most significant factor. This bond, this love, is still essential. The only way I’ll know whether she still cares is if she shows me in her eyes what I know I deserve: love. That would hurt my heart if that didn’t happen.”

But Florian advised him against pursuing Darcey further while she was dating.

“It’s all going to work out, I assure Stacey. There will be a joy for all. Eventually, everything will work out fine. Everything will be OK as long as Darcey performs and Georgi follows the guidelines. The alternative is disastrous for me.”

After Cicero had to postpone their first date due to a family emergency last week, Darcey finally got to go out on a date with him this week, and he treated her like a goddess the entire time.

She told me throughout our conversation exactly what I should look for in a partner: “I’m looking for a man who is ambitious and goal-oriented, someone who is just seeking a compatible vibrational match. Since doing so causes me to stop moving forward, I can’t turn it down.”

“I’m trying to keep my emotions in check because that’s exactly what occurred. Weeks, if not years, of my life, were lost to waste “with a tear in her eye, she said.

In a candid moment, she said, “I’ve thrown away a lot of time with men who have only brought me down. I feel like I compromised my values and gave too much of myself without receiving anything in return. Perhaps my sense of self-worth was insufficient, leading me to accept less than I deserved. But, it is not the case any longer.”

Darcey was frightened that she “scared him away” when Cicero cut the evening short to go home to his family.

The date with Cicero didn’t go badly, she admitted, but she suspected that he was eager to leave behind the awkward atmosphere. “Why does she feel the need to cry on the first date, anyway? Yet with Georgi back in town, I was reminded of the agony and hurt I had felt before. For me, that’s like pouring salt on an old wound, and all I want is to heal and go on.”

Darcey Silva Says She's "Done" With Georgi After He Tries to Rekindle Their Relationship!

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Darcey had a realization after meeting with her matchmaker Michelle and decided it was time to “establish boundaries.”

She claimed to Florian that Georgi was attempting to “manipulate” him into seducing her. The word “stupid” was used to calm his anger at her charge.

But he stated that he felt “alone” because his family couldn’t attend the wedding because of visa complications, so he asked Georgi to come instead.

“It pains me to think about Florian in that light. As a whole, it’s been a rough year for him. For the sake of the team, I’d like to sacrifice my comfort to help Florian out “the woman declared. Contrarily, “I want to keep my distance because I’ve been here before with Georgi.”

Darcey agreed to join Georgi, Stacey, and Florian for the meeting. But things went south when Georgi, who has revealed he still has emotions for Darcey, inquired if she had any present romantic possibilities and said, “Well then, who do you find yourself in a relationship with? My friend Florian said he heard you’re seeing someone. There’s a matchmaker at your disposal. In other words, you’re in a relationship with another person.”

“Florian, why are you disclosing my personal matters to him? Why are you bothering him with this nonsense, Florian?” The one and only Darcey had an answer.

Quickly, Florian offered an explanation for his actions: “The constant barrage of “Hey, what’s up, Darcey?” inquiries is wearing me down. So, Darcey, what’s new? Just curious, what’s up with you, Darcey? Repeatedly, for a million times. I tell him I understand his pain but encourage him to look forward rather than back.”

By saying, “I’m sorry I let you down,” Georgi hoped to win Darcey back “Because I know you enjoy diamonds, I’ve brought a small present to show my appreciation. I think you’ve earned it.”

When he revealed a diamond bracelet to her, everyone around them gasped in surprise. While the thought was appreciated, Darcey was unmoved.

Darcey Silva Says She's "Done" With Georgi After He Tries to Rekindle Their Relationship!

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“I appreciate the offer and the gift, but it’s a little too late,” Darcey said.

“But, I value you as a person and a friend. I wish you were here, “He spoke up and gave his opinion. “It hurts me to find out from Florian that you’re seeing someone else,” he said.

And he went on to say “The fact that I’ve told myself I won’t flirt with you tonight makes it all the more difficult to resist the urge. I promised myself I wouldn’t give you anything, yet your radiant presence before me makes me want to shower you with presents. For this reason, I find it challenging. Tell me what steps I should take.”

Darcey, however, said he was “taking advantage” of her and “manipulating” the circumstance. Don’t ever try to “get in between my family and try to deceive us” because “I know what you’re trying to do,” she said.

“To be honest, I don’t even try. I have no intention of fooling anyone “Therefore, he chimed in with a reply.

“To be honest, I couldn’t care less at this point. The last farewell, “she remarked as she closed the door behind her and he followed closely behind.

Outside the eatery, he tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she warned him to “stay away from me.”

Despite his insistence, “You are the reason I made this trip. I’m not here to start trouble… No, I’m not trying to control you. My love for you brings me here.”

In the midst of their disagreement, he insisted that he had told her he loved her, but she had replied that it was too late.

By telling him this, she effectively seals his fate “Excuse me. That was easy.”

Stacey, when the argument had died down, held Florian responsible. His scheme “backfired,” she informed him, and he will eventually try to ruin their big day.

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