Danny Trejo Says Ex-Cons Should Be Able to Vote, Rips Trump's Prison Reform

Danny Trejo Claims Ex-Cons Need to Have the Ability to Vote, Rips Trump’s Prison Reform

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Danny Trejo Desires voting rights restored to felons who Have paid their debt to society, Although they Are on the inside… he Believes Kim Kardashian‘s doing to Assist than President Trump.

We obtained the celebrity — who spent decades in a variety of prisons right back in the afternoon — in Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood, also asked him if offenders ought to be permitted to vote behind bars, or even while on probation or parole.

Danny states ex-inmates ought to be permitted to votealong with individuals being held in county jails before they have been convicted. He is staunchly in favour of countries — such as Florida has performed — restoring voting rights to individuals who finish their prison bids.

As for prison reform’s influence in the election — Danny scoffs in President Trump tooting his own horn. Despite, the truth POTUS signed the Initial Step Act … Trejo does not believe he deserves all of the credit.

Rather, he states Trump’s only standing on the shoulders of people such as Kim K… and whether he is missing one HUGE problem for America’s overcrowded prisons.

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